Acclaimed duo Matmos share mind-bending new video “Excerpt Three” – From new album Ultimate Care II, out 19th Feb

February 4, 2016


Acclaimed conceptual art and electronic music duo Matmos debuts new video

New album “Ultimate Care II”, out 19th February Whole record made from sounds generated by a Whirlpool washing machine.

“A wild treat… riotous proof that music can be charmed from the unlikeliest of sources.” Frieze

“Ultimately, it is a piece of music that utilizes the artists’ signature skill: creating unusual sounds with unusual materials that ends up sounding really very good.” – Vice Creators Project

“Matmos doing what they do best, pulling together theory, humour, and killer compositional chops into music at once intense, playful, and uncannily coherent.” – SPIN

“Brilliant.” – Stuart Maconie, BBC Radio 6Music

Matmos released the second video from their forthcoming album, Ultimate Care II(to be released on 19th February via Thrill Jockey Records). “Excerpt Three” was directed by Max Eilbacher. His comments on the clip below:

“The source of Ultimate Care II is the household washing machine of Matmos, ‘Whirlpool’s top loading, high efficiency washing system, with easy to use consoles, making it simple to select the wash/spin speed combination for each load.’ The entire album was sourced by the duo’s capturing, cutting, and manipulation of the sounds generated from the machine, allowing the sounds to have their own existence. The video echoes this process, separating the machine from its intended domestic position. An animated model of a washing machine is often shown as isolated, orbiting in a screen of black, while undergoing material transformation- it is a visual equivalency to acousmatic sound. The hard, white facade of the machine undergoes a material change, warping, melting, and bending at the inclination of body parts, bodies at work, captured from washing machine pornography. The domestic is work, just as sex is work, all inclusive in the industry of sterility.”

Matmos will be playing selected US dates in February and March. There will be a Whirlpool Ultimate Care II washing machine on stage during these US performances. Current list of live dates HERE, with a planned European tour later this year.

Driven by their abiding belief in the musical potential of sound, Matmos have always created a wide range of imaginative recordings and inventive live performances since their formation 20 years ago. Ultimate Care II perfectly reveals the duo’s inventive artistry; they made it entirely out of the sounds generated by a Whirlpool Ultimate Care II model washing machine in the basement of their home in Baltimore.

Harvesting the machine’s rich vocabulary of rhythmic chugs, spin cycle drones, rinse cycle splashes, metallic clanks and electronic beeps, Matmos have crafted a work of sly humour in which one of the quintessential sounds of everyday domestic life is transformed into an unlikely source for a surprisingly listenable suite of music. Dan Deacon, Max Eilbacher and Sam Haberman of Horse Lords, Jason Willett (Half Japanese), and Duncan Moore (Needle Gun) all took part, either playing the machine like a drum, processing its audio, or sending MIDI data to the duo’s samplers. The result is a suite of rhythmic, melodic and drone-based compositions that morph dramatically, but remain fanatically centered upon their single, original sound source. Ultimate Care II swirls with perverse paradox: it is at once funny and sad, bouncy and creepy, liquid and mechanical.


Ultimate Care II will be released on 19th February and is available on CD / LP / DL. Pre-order:


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