Washer “Got Drunk And Ate The Sun” with Stereogum + Album Out January 22nd

January 10, 2016

Dana Murphy

Washer Share “Got Drunk And Ate The Sun” on Stereogum

Here Comes Washer due out January 22nd on Exploding In Sound Records

Brooklyn’s Washer are sharing “Got Drunk And Ate The Sun,” the third single from the duo’s long awaited full length debut, Here Comes Washer. Due out on January 22nd viaExploding In Sound Records, Stereogum premiered the track, a song that finds Washer exploring new sounds and tones. Stereogum noted the song’s vocals “spews out of Mike Quigley’s mouth like, I don’t know, the vomit that bubbles up after you drunkenly eat the sun?”

01/22 – Brooklyn, NY @ Palisades w/ Stove, Lost Boy ? & Yazan (ALBUM RELEASE SHOW)


Brooklyn based duo Washer, comprised of Mike Quigley (guitar/bass/vocals) and Kieran McShane (drums) are set to release their highly anticipated full length debut, Here Comes Washer via Exploding In Sound Records on January 22nd, 2016. Since forming in the late months of 2013, the Brooklyn based duo have become a staple of the local DIY scene, another hardworking band playing countless shows. Washer have garnered a strong reputation among the “scene” in that time thanks to the band’s scrappy energy and infectious indie leaning garage punk anthems. Impossibly catchy and deceptively complex, Washer’s songwriting stays with you, burrowing deep into the recesses of your mind as the band aim to “do a lot with a little”. Punk rock minimalism at it’s finest.

While Washer’s sound gravitates around spaced out and stripped down punk, the introspective songwriting and jagged structures are intricate with nuanced twists and turns. Washer are here to remind you of the finer attributes of any relationship between people, places, and objects… don’t be an idiot, free yourself of judgement, and to “do you” without regret. Combine that with a healthy dose of personal doubt, fear of a life wasted, and the pitfalls of solitude, and it’s safe to say that Here Comes Washer comes from a very restless and honest place. Recorded at The Barn in Panton, VT with engineer Nick Dooley(Flagland), Washer balance themselves between bummer pop and blissful aggression with gluey hooks that stick upon first listen.

Washer’s gnarled pop songs have a tendency to lunge and shift, picking up supercharged primal intensity one moment before slinking back into their understated demeanor the next. Infectious melodies take hold without warning, forever cementing their way into your brain with brilliant agitation juxtaposed by a casual grin. Here Comes Washer finds the duo tackling new sounds, reshaping their sonic template with influences that range from earnest twang (“This Land”) and spaced out fuzz rock (“Pet Rock vs Healing Crystal”) to tense and evocative unexplored territory (“Got Drunk And Ate The Sun”). These are the songs the expression “earworms” was coined for and Washer’s expansive ability for bleakly delivered vibrant hooks has reached a whole new degree of irresistible charm.

Here Comes Washer
Exploding In Sound Records

January 22, 2016

1. Eyelids
2. Hallmark
3. Beansy
4. Safe Place
5. Pet Rock Vs Healing Crystal
6. Porky
7. Mend
8. This Land
9. Body
10. Do It Yourself
11. Human
12. Group Therapy
13. Got Drunk And Ate The Sun
14. Figure Me Out

Washer Links:
Twitter (Quigley)
Twitter (Kieran)

Exploding In Sound Records

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