VŌDŪN Announce debut album ‘Possession’ to be released March 25th via Riff Rock Records

January 27, 2016


Announce debut album ‘Possession’ to be released March 25th via Riff Rock Records

Welcome to the world of VŌDŪN. A crushing weight of heavy psychedelic soul poised to heave its debut album Possession upon the world through Riff Rock Records this coming March 25th.

Produced by the Brit-nominated Tom Dalgety, Possession is a voodoo-fuelled, afro-tinged trip through history, devoted to understanding the magnificent and complex past of Vodun cosmology – an ancient West African religion that VŌDŪN channel into the spell-binding sounds that take hold throughoutPossession’s intense 11-track voyage.

The music is made to represent how we see Vodun and understand its beautiful, complicated and powerful history,” explains front woman Oya.“Exploring how Possession itself might feel in its binding and opening of the soul, we’ve taken our view of the world and married it with how the Spirits, Gods and Goddesses might entangle themselves in our own lives. The movement of the music is us bearing our souls, reflecting how something that has been demonised for so long can actually be something to wholly embrace.

VŌDŪN comprise of three central forces, rather than individuals. Together Oya (vocals), Ogoun (drums) and Marassa (guitar) revolve around the spirits that govern the Earth itself. They are understood as follows.

Ogoun (drums); from a new nation of spirits forged directly in fire, steel and blood – reflecting all the rage, violence and delirium that comes with rebellion. Drums, dancing, and rhythm are offbeat sharp and unforgiving, like the crack of a whip. Ogoun is in love with the noise of battle itself. In salutation, rum is poured on the ground then lit, and as the flames flicker, the beats play on.

Marassa (guitar); summons a tidal cacophony with his fingertips that wails and thunders into the resonant mountains. He unleashes the twin spirits within, as the electric swordsman of two halves. A healer and a troublemaker, consuming all in his wake – and spewing forth a divine power.

Oya (vocals); stormy emotions and tempestuous circumstances prevail, and Oya is the conductor at the centre of the destruction and chaos. Channelling spirits past and futures unknown – she unleashes the possession in other worldly chants and unearthly melodies. With big and open eyes she breathes, blows up her cheeks, then howls. Oya is the spirit of change, and she makes room for vibrant new growth.

Collectively, they are VŌDŪN. Heavy, weird, soulful – yes, they are expectant of the abnormal and so should you be. Come, walk with them. Walk with the VŌDŪN!

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Possession Track listing & artwork:

  1. Loas Kingdom
  2. Bondye
  3. Bloodstones
  4. Oya
  5. Loko
  6. Legbas Feast
  7. Possession
  8. Mawu
  9. Minos Army
  10. Divinity
  11. Kanpay Rejete | | |

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