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The Next 12 Months With…..Dexter Henry Millest!

January 27, 2016

The Next 12 Months With…
Dexter Henry Millest!

As a Herefordshire based media outlet we adore our surroundings, despite covering shows nationwide there is something very special about our local live community. Over the last few years a few key individuals and collectives have worked incredibly hard over time to shape, mould and adjust the Herefordshire live scene. At present, said scene is thriving.

Continuing throughout the next few days, we’ve spent some time chatting to a handful of Herefordshire based promoters, venues and several local musicians to find out what this year has lined up for them, and for us fans too.

Our next special prying into the future of local talent, we had the pleasure chatting to musician Dexter Henry Millest, with rural shire based roots we discover what the next 12 months has planned for the artist.

Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson


  • Please introduce yourself to our readers

My name is Dexter Henry Millest, I am a 19 year old singer-songwriter and performer from Herefordshire.


  • What’s the story behind the formation of your outfit?

I began working under the name Dexter Henry Millest at the start of 2014 when I uploaded some stuff to BBC Introducing, and was picked up by Andrew Marston of BBC Hereford and Worcester. From then on, I figured I might as well give it a shot.

  • What do you admire about the Herefordshire live scene and it’s community

Being a relatively small music scene, I love how all my fellow musicians can interact so easily. Not only that but the tenacity that people are putting in to keep it up and running. It’s great to see new music venues like Booth Hall and The Venue come about from people’s hard work and commitment. As a performer, the most important part is the places to perform! I even saw #HerefordHour trending on twitter…

  •  What’s your plans for 2016- new releases / recordings tours etc
2016 is a busy year for the small team that is Dexter Henry Millest. We will be hitting the studio at the end of January through to the start of February to get some new material down, and then later on in Spring we are planning to record a live EP to go out for free. After that, we are looking further afield to support slots and the like to take us through to the festival season.
  • For those of us catching you live over the next few months what can we look forward to from your performance?

Live shows are always a real treat for me. When we record songs, we love to play around with a full band, so it presents a real challenge to play some songs to an audience. Sometimes a solo set can really bring the intimacy out of a song that perhaps wasn’t as prevalent in the record, and sometimes with a full band we can elevate and elaborate on the track. I am in a great position where I can play larger local venues with the full band, and smaller places on my own.

I am hoping you can catch us at a venue in Hereford soon. As well as that, we will be heading down to Bristol, Bath and Cardiff
(maybe Glasgow too!) to play a few songs, but no dates confirmed yet.
  • Where can people keep up to date with your releases and live dates

If you are interested in keeping up with all that we have planned, head over to where you will be able to see when all this stuff actually happens!

A huge thank you to Dexter for his time with us, we adore this young and riveting talent.

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