MOTHERS share ‘No Crying In Baseball’ video- Debut album coming 26th February via Wichita + London live dates in February

January 31, 2016
Erez Avissar

Erez Avissar


Share ‘No Crying In Baseball‘ Video

Debut album ‘When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired’out 26th February via Wichita Recordings

Servant Jazz Quarters headline show sells out,
instore at Rough Trade East confirmed

“forming beauty out of heart-shattering destruction. Their brittle, acoustic-led tracks often evolve into intense beasts, honesty defining every stroke” – DIY

“a band you’re going to want to keep at least one eye, maybe two, on this year. Kristine Leschper’s voice is a slow, hypnotizing croon that will sooth your soul of whatever worries it might have”.

“Mothers are ready to release what we expect will be one of the best debuts of 2016”
The Line of Best Fit

“the Athens, GA-based best new band practice in the art of the obtusely confessional.” – Stereogum

Mothers will arrive in London next month for their first UK live dates at Servant Jazz Quarters (now sold out), The Lexington and an instore at Rough Trade East. Tickets for The Lexington are available now through MusicGlue or the Dice app:

Wednesday 24th February – Servant Jazz Quarters, London
Friday 26th February – The Lexington, London
Saturday 27th February – Rough Trade East instore, 6.30pm 

The band has also shared the new video for ‘No Crying In Baseball‘. They’ve said,“Inspired by a series of conversations Patrick Morales [Mothers’ bassist] had with the Church of Universal Renewal, the video for ‘No Crying In Baseball’ is a reflection on our relationship with media, technology and feeling. The video follows a girl in a not too distant future surrounded by language and text instructing her on how to feel. She’s wandering, adrift in a sea of lost souls that in an honest attempt to tweeze meaningful connection have surrendered themselves to an external locus of feeling. The video is frenzied and meant to portray the often times fracturing role of media and technology in our lives reminiscent of what Marshal Macluhan had meant when he said ‘We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us.” Watch it below…

The Athens, Georgia-based quartet will release their debut album ‘When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired on February 26th, 2016. The band are comprised of Kristine Leschper (vocals/guitar), Matthew Anderegg (drums), Drew Kirby (guitar), and Patrick Morales (bass).

The album is available to pre-order now through the Wichita store. The CD + LP pre-order ( ) will include a handmade chapbook with lyrics for the album and instant grat downloads of ‘Copper Mines’ & ‘Too Small For Eyes‘. The digital version of the record features a bonus track, ‘Accessory Cloud’ with instant downloads available now of both ‘Copper Mines’ and ‘Too Small For Eyes’. Pre-order the digital versions here.

Produced by Drew Vandenberg – who has worked on albums by Of Montreal, Deerhunter and Porcelain Raft – at Chase Park Transduction in Athens, Georgia in December 2014,‘When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired’ features collaborations with Josh McKay of Deerhunter on vibraphone as well as McKendrick Bearden of Grand Vapids, who played bass and provided string arrangements throughout. Comprised of eight songs – the majority of which were written while Leschper was finishing art school in early 2014 – Mothers’ debut LP is an introduction to the foundations of the young band, a snapshot of a particular period of their genesis that maps both where they began and where they are heading.

The album’s bookends perhaps most explicitly display this musical chronology. The gorgeous, recently shared “Too Small For Eyes” was the only one of a few solo songs Leschper had written on the mandolin that made it onto the album, its use of space, piano, strings, and her voice entwining and undulating to elegantly set the stage for what unfolds afterward; closer “Hold Your Own Hand” blooms from its plaintive opening bars to an ascendant, spirally waltz to an uproarious math-y breakdown, hinting at the louder, more post-rock and math rock-influenced sound for which their live show is fast becoming known for.

Across the album, Leschper meditates on the human condition: what anyone’s place is in the universe; what is our value; mortality; and what it means to have relationships in consideration of all these things. And while the songs are filtered through her frequently difficult, personal microcosmic experiences, she relates them in a manner that is at once highly intimate and readily universal. At heart, ‘When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired’ is about being alive, and just how surprisingly unmooring – and exhausting – this fundamental thing can be. The album is a window into the long path Leschper traveled while creating it: breathtakingly honest and rooted in the subconscious of one’s journey.
‘When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired’ Tracklist:
1). “Too Small For Eyes
2). “It Hurts Until it Doesn’t”
3). “Copper Mines
4). “Nesting Behavior”
5). “Lockjaw”
6). “Blood-Letting”
7). “Burden of Proof”
8). “Hold Your Own Hand”


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