MARGARET GLASPY signs to ATO Records and shares raw 2-song 7″ EP

January 25, 2016



Shares raw 2-song 7″ EP

Listen to “You and I” and “Somebody to Anybody

ATO Records’ newest signing Margaret Glaspy announces the release of her two-song, 7” EP featuring fierce, kiss-off tracks “You and I” and “Somebody to Anybody.” It’s just a sampling of the raw, guitar-driven pop songs that Margaret is an expert at crafting. Listen here:

Stereogum said of the tracks, “A lot of lost love songs operate in one of two modes — pining away or cutting off ties in a blaze of glory — and it’s refreshing to hear someone plainly state that they don’t give a f*ck, but still want to be considerate of the other person who got invested too much.”

Last Autumn at CMJ Margaret opened for Thunderbitch (Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes) and completely floored everyone in the room. WNYC says Margaret “has a knack for sending shivers down any spine.”


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