Joanna Gruesome Announce March Mini-Tour

January 21, 2016
Rachel Hodgson

Rachel Hodgson

Joanna Gruesome March Mini-Tour


March 18th: Bristol Exchange
March 19th: DIY Space For London
March 20th: Brighton Hope and Ruin

Get your tickets here-

Currently writing their third album in a secure location, Joanna Gruesome have been coaxed into emerging for a short run of appearances in March. They will be taking a weekend break from a relentless schedule of séances, psychic ceremonies and moonlight rituals to play three exclusive dates at the Bristol Exchange, the DIY space for London and Brighton’s Hope and Ruin.

The Welsh group will be performing hits from their records Weird Sister and Peanut Butter, as well as previewing material rumoured to be appearing on a forthcoming single.  Songwriter Owen Williams explains: “It will be a strictly hit orientated set. Astrological experts have informed us that Saturn will be transitioning into retrograde during that weekend, so it seemed like an obvious time to play a few shows in the south and south west.”

Williams has failed to elaborate further but a source close to the band has confirmed that audience members may be in danger of accessing “subtle realms of the unconscious” if in attendance.  A rival source has warned of “dissonance, organs, shouting, occult content, pop melodies and ‘hardcore’ punk rock rhythms”.

Their new album Peanut Butter is out now on Fortuna POP!

“Peanut Butter does more in 22 minutes than most albums do in 40.” NME 8/10

“Ebulient, thundering and made with unabashedly 90s vigour.” The Guardian 4*s

“Their tip as one of Britain’s brightest new hopes is more than backed up on this showing.” DIY 4*s

“Devoid of pretence, Peanut Butter’s sonic impulsiveness is wonderfully chaotic.” Loud and Quiet 9/10

“Their fusion of righteous hardcore and cutie pop is stylishly decluttered for their second outing… Short, but invigoratingly sweet.” Uncut 8/10

“Joanna Gruesome have managed to retain the gift of allowing the listener to feel as if they are part of a very exclusive gang.” Record Collector 4*s

“A collision of riot-grrrl, C-86 tweeness and whistling Psychocandy-era Mary Chain.” Q

JOANNA GRUESOME LINKS: Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp

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