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Introducing Right Hand Left Hand – A Jealous Lovers Club Records Release Special

January 10, 2016


Introducing Right Hand Left Hand
For fans of… Trans Am, Battles, the Fucking Champs, Tortoise
Channelling the spirit of the post-rock scene of the mid to late 90’s, Right Hand Left Hand are due to release their sophomore self-titled album on 12th February 2016 via Jealous Lovers Club. You can preorder the album via the Jealous Lovers Club bandcamp page.

Despite the obvious post-rock influences, Right Hand Left Hand are much, much more than an experimental instrumental band. Intense, powerful yet melodic, Right Hand Left Hand defy the confines of one specific genre as they embrace elements of Krautrock, space-rock and electronica, as well as innovatively incorporating live loops and vocals to great effect.

To celebrate the announcement of the forthcoming self-titled album, Right Hand Left Hand are giving away the soaring album track ‘Tarts and Darts’ for absolutely nothing!

The result is an immersive, technically brilliant record filled with layer upon layer of riffs that subvert the quiet/loud dynamic of post-rock into a loud/louder burst of action. Album opener, and forthcoming official singleSeat 18c, kicks off proceedings beautifully and lays the cards on the table for what to expect throughout the 11 track album, as the expertly picked guitar pieces trade punches with meaty riffs, augmented by metronomic drumming. Nightmares In The Afternoon illustrate the bands unpredictable nature as the brooding, unnerving track builds slowly, incorporating vocals alongside their customary love of powerful riffs. While the relentless riffs of the aforementioned Tarts and Darts and Cliff Young Shuffle would make the likes of the Fucking Champsnod in appreciation.

Despite their unerring ability to sonically pulverise your eardrums, Right Hand Left Hand are in fact a two-piece band. Comprising Andrew Plain (drums/guitars) and Rhodri Viney (guitars/ vocals/ drums) and hailing from Cardiff, Wales, the duo played in a number of Cardiff based bands over the years. Having played a show with one of their former bands in a club in Groningen, Netherlands the pair, having heard Trans Am played by the DJ, were inspired to break out on their own, embracing an experimental set up of two members playing guitar, two drum kits, centered around a loop station, incorporating instrument swaps and all the while attempting to find out how heavy is too heavy.

Their decision to do so was inspired and has seen the band headline Swn Festival as well support the likes ofDead Meadow, Errors, The Mahjonng, The Mae Shi, Future Of The Left, Super Furry Animals, Funeral For A Friend and Los Campesinos.

Right Hand Left Hand‘s self-titled album is out February 12th 2016 via Jealous Lovers Club and can be preordered via the Jealous Lovers Club bandcamp page.

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