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Introducing NICE BREEZE- Schroedinger’s Cat’s Grave Out Now Via DZ Tapes

January 5, 2016


Introducing NICE BREEZE.

This influential veteran trio hailing from Washington, DC, with members of The Plums have teamed up with the equally awesome DZ Tapes.

The three effortless create perfect lo-fi, with surf-tinged guitar pop ditties that are described to weave droning hooks with laconic, off-the-cuff vocals and take you for buoyant ride on an ever-cresting wave inside the bonzai pipeline of your mind.

The description to this three piece is as good as they sound.

NICE BREEZE have released their experimental 6 track album Schroedinger’s Cat’s Grave via the hardworking and ideal home for the band, DZ Tapes.

DZ Tapes is devoted to publishing lesser known works through the pocket sized, nostalgically tactile analog cassette tape medium.

Schroedinger’s Cat’s Grave is out now on DZ TAPES and you can listen/download for free  h e r e .

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