Future Elevators announce debut album with new track

January 31, 2016


Born out of an ever-growing scene, Birmingham, Alabama’s Future Elevators will release their self-titled debut album on 1st April via Communicating Vessels. The album was produced by Lynn Bridges and Mixed by Darrell Thorp (Radiohead’s Hail to the Thief, Beck’s Morning Phase). Following the release of very well received first single ‘Modern World” last year, Future Elevators have now shared a new track off the album, ‘Machine Maker’. Of this intensely catchy tune full of toy box piano, bluesy guitar, and inventive Krautrock beats, Future Elevators mastermind and new father Michael Shackelford says: “It’s driven by an overwhelming feeling that there are all these outside forces happening in the world, and they’re just taking up space in my brain. I remember listening to the news and thinking the world is just so fucked up, but at least I’ve got my baby girl. So everything is going to be fine.”

Lead singer Shackelford grew up in a musical family. His grandfather ran a music school in Birmingham, his uncle played guitar for The Temptations, and his mother performed on a local television variety show in the 70’s and 80’s. He spent most of his early years as the drummer in his grandfather’s country and western band, where he did the VFW tour of the South. Growing up, he found his way into just about every band playing in Birmingham and finally arrived at the vision for his own project: Future Elevators. The self-titled 10-track LP will be released on vinyl, CD and digitally on April 1st.
Future Elevators – Track Listing
1. Rome On A Saturday
2. Modern World
3. Losing Sleep
4. Just Another Day
5. Alabama Song
6. Machine Maker
7. It Is What It Is
8. Everything Everywhere
9. Narcosis
10. Aphrodite

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