Discover your city’s music scene using Gigbloc

January 21, 2016


Discover your city’s music scene
using Gigbloc


Gigbloc is a free iOS, Android and browser app that helps you discover the best new music emerging from your local area.

Hear tracks from artists playing in your city over the next seven days through Gigbloc’s easy to use, map-based interface. It’s the simplest way to find up-and-coming, independent, and underground live music.

Gigbloc makes it easy to find an amazing night out by letting you listen to the latest bands playing all around you, while helping artists develop a fan base from the moment they start playing gigs. It increases artists’ exposure by matching their music with the audience that will appreciate it the most, while supporting local live music venues by literally putting them on the maps of music lovers.

Gigbloc was created by two London based music lovers, Alex and Richard, who were frustrated seeing great new bands playing in empty venues and wanted to find a way to help them get heard.  It was their love of new music emerging from their community that led them to develop this great new app.

iOS App
Android App

Twitter: @gigbloc

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