Title Fight, Moose Blood, Basement & More For MIND Charity Compilation Album From Close To Home Records

December 7, 2015


Close To Home Records Presents: ‘Some Kind Of Fix’

Title Fight, Moose Blood, Basement & More For Compilation Album In Aid Of Mental Health Charity MIND

Stream & Download From Heads Above The Waves Now

Essex-based independent label Close To Home Records are pleased to announce the release of their ‘Some Kind of Fix’ charity compilation album, out now and available to stream and download digitally.

A collection of songs raising awareness of mental health issues including depression, anxiety and self-harm, the compilation costs £5 to download and all the profits will be donated to mental health charity MIND. The record is available to stream and download via the Heads Above The Waves website now at:

Featuring 40+ tracks, the compilation includes offerings from the likes of Title Fight, Basement, Superheaven, Moose Blood, Hindsights, Dearist, Forrest, Rain, Waleated, Losing Sleep, Pretend Happy and more.

Heads Above The Waves is a community which exists to raise awareness about self-harm and promote hope through creativity, with a particular focus on reaching young people. Also recognising that mental health issues can affect people from all walks of life – regardless of gender, age, race, or sexuality – they are committed to providing hope and help to everyone.

“The aim of the compilation is to bring together a selection of bands to show support and raise awareness of mental health issues that affect a lot of people every day” comments Close To Home label manager Joe Hart “Somehow in 2015, we’re still not quite at a point in society where someone can feel comfortable with talking about the fact they might be suffering from a mental illness. We’re not yet at a point where we naturally offer mental health sufferers the support they need. This support should be offered without a thought, but unfortunately, way too often, I open a news tab on the internet or a page in a newspaper and I see someone who is given a platform to spread the complete wrong message when it comes to mental health.”

“Not only are we not offering enough help and understanding, there are people boosting the signal of the negative opinions of those who don’t understand what it’s like and have most likely never been through it. Hopefully our message reaches someone and helps them understand that what they’re going through is normal. It happens to a LOT of people. In fact, without getting personal, almost every band and record label involved with the tracks on this compilation explained that they or someone close to them had been affected by mental health issues in the past. A lot of them also explained how they had made it through the other side. That’s exactly the kind of open, positive conversation I want to get started with this compilation.”

Formed in 2012 through a love of underground music and vinyl, the aim of the label is to introduce you to your new favourite band on more than one occasion. An Essex-based independent label primarily working with bands in the south-east area of the UK, they have also worked with artists as far afield as Boston (Sneeze), California (Of Us Giants) and New York (Tilde). Starting off with releases on CD and tapes, over the last 2 years they have slowly but surely made the transition to the much desired format of vinyl. Free music is a central tenet of the CTH ethos and almost all of their current releases are available for free download.

Stream, download, donate and read more on the Heads Above The Waves website –

‘Some Kind of Fix’ tracklist:

1. Title Fight – Safe In Your Skin
2. Dearist – Fix
3. Superheaven – Gushin’ Blood
4. Basement – Breathe
5. Rain – Slur
6. Forrest – Luna
7. Moose Blood – Anyway
8. Great Sale Day – Best Friends
9. Losing Sleep – Never Told You
10. Pretend Happy – Dirt
11. Epona – Closure
12. The Bank Trail – Wildcard
13. Walleater – Pig Pen
14. Fade – Reverie Summer
15. Hindsights – Out Of My Skull
16. Luke Godwin – Grinding Gears (Acoustic)
17. Greylines – Quiet Town
18. Sneeze – Wilt
19. The New Tusk – Uncomfort
20. Junior – A House That’s Not Quite Home
21. Huskies – North Coast
22. Faux – Shoes
23. Hanna Cash – Worst Birthday
24. Bodyheat – Hold
25. Montana – Move On
26. Inside Jokes – Can You Make Me Happy?
27. Frankly – Surely
28. Nervus – Bones
29. Tilde – Gaze
30. Wallflower – Skin
31. Svalbard – The Vanishing Point
32. Dissolve – Clarky Cat
33. Happy Accidents – Autopilot
34. The Winter Passing – Fruits of Gloom
35. Bohica – Keep Me Awake
36. Water Canvas – Birthdays
37. Honey Joy – Saluting Magpies
38. Don’t Worry – Travelsick
39. Claw The Thin Ice – In The Dark
40. Empty Blue – Pull Me Under
41. Shit Present – Evaporate
42. Personal Best – Human Nature
43. Land Speed – Sick To Death
44. Healing Powers – Friendship Bracelet
45. Lake Michigan – Under The Spell (Desire Cover)

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