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Patrik Jakubowski unveils beautiful “Ocean” video!

December 23, 2015


Patrik Jakubowski unveils beautiful “Ocean” video!

Patrik Jakubowski’s passion for the sea becomes vividly confessed in the song Ocean. Here he ties himself to the sea weed and is determined to sit there, underneath the surface until the ocean have turned him to one of its own inhabitants. This feeling is shared with a lot of other aqua-lovers, one group being all the surfers around the world. Jonas Sten Norén, photographer and surfer is one of them, and in this video he depicts the true love and dedication required to surf on Gotland, Sweden, a place which provides the best waves during the coolest and stormiest of days. Gorm the storm trashed a lot of houses on the west coast of Sweden, but when it arrived on Gotland on the east side, surfers were there, welcoming it, ready to ride its waves in the cool water.

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