KANGA shares her new romantic industrial single

December 7, 2015

Industrial princess KANGA continues rolling out tracks to pave the way for her forthcoming EP ‘Dissonance’. On the heels of her single “Vital Signs” and an official remix for Sub Pop’s clipping., she now makes two more offerings: “Tension” and a remix of “Vital Signs” by True Neutral (ex-Foot Village).

If you’re new to the sounds of the delectable KANGAKanga wields the power of objectification. Fetish, sexuality, angst, and melancholy take shape, bringing the dark miracle of life to song. Mechanization & melody are made from fragments of Kanga’s own flesh and soul to become her objects of creation. Meanwhile, Kanga herself prefers to remain obscured as an artist; not in complete opposition to being an icon, but to explore the tension between the cold world of industrial and the hyper-surreal feminism of pop. Hers is a mirror world where objectification humanizes the object.


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