Kal Marks Share “Dorothy” on Stereogum | Announce New Album “Life Is Alright, Everybody Dies”

December 11, 2015
Cindy Fuentes

Cindy Fuentes


Kal Marks Announce “Life Is Alright, Everybody Dies”

Due Out February 19th via Midnight Werewolf and Exploding In Sound Records

Share “Dorothy” on Stereogum

Boston indie-sludge trio Kal Marks will released their new album Life Is Alright, Everybody Dies on February 19th via Exploding In Sound and Midnight Werewolf Records. The long awaited follow up to Life Is Murder, the band have taken a sunnier disposition… but only slightly. Stereogum premiered “Dorothy,” the album’s first single, noting, “Though Kal Marks deal with some of the heavier aspects of existence, their music isn’t nihilistic, and though Shane’s songs are often brooding, they also provide some semblance of solace for like-minded thinkers. ”

Kal Marks’ Carl Shane (guitar/vocals) expanded on the themes of the album and “Dorothy”:

“Thematically I guess this record would be about empathy for all walks of life. Trying to understand other people’s pain and oppression in relation to your own experiences. I still think life is really rough, but I’m trying not to be such a self centered prick anymore.

“Dorothy” is about someone I knew that succumbed to mental illness. Someone i knew who felt completely hopeless and crushed. The first couple verses and such are somebody pleading to hold on and fight through the depression, and the finally refrain is that person proclaiming that “there is no hope and no escape.”


A self-proclaimed “loud, heavy, spirited group of folks that are a little tired of rock and roll,” Boston rockers, Kal Marks, write songs that are heavy in sound and subject matter. Lead by Carl Shane (guitar/vocals) and accompanied by Michael Geacone (bass) and Alex Audette (drums), the trio makes music that is candid in delivery and brash in execution.

On the band’s newest album, Life is Alright, Everybody Dies, out February 19th via Exploding in Sound and Midnight Werewolf Records, Kal Marks explores the more ominous side of life, examining themes such as unfairness, cruelty, pain, and abuse of power through audaciously honest lyrics which are delivered by Shane’s trademark vocals, a potent combination of apprehensiveness and defiance. Despite the weighty subject matter that Kal Marks’ songs deal with, there is an underlying message, found somewhere between the layers of palpitating guitar riffs and thundering bass lines, that encourages listeners to make the most of their time here, in spite of all of the chaos they may encounter along the way.

Kal Marks makes music that expresses a generation’s frustration with its present, in which forthright lyrics and bustling melodies combine to form a resounding call to action for a not-so-messed-up future. ”

Life Is Alright, Everybody Dies
Midnight Werewolf + Exploding In Sound Records

February 19, 2016

1. Life Is Alright
2. Mankind
3. Sweet Lou
4. Dorothy
5. Loneliness Only Lasts Forever
6. It’s So Hard to Know How to Say Goodbye
7. Everybody Dies
8. Heavy Hands
9. Coffee
10. Grass Is Green, But Sometimes Its Brown

Kal Marks Links:

Midnight Werewolf Records
Exploding In Sound Records

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