GOLD CELESTE share new track ‘The Wonder of Love’- London shows next week- Debut album ‘The Glow’ out now via Riot Factory!

December 3, 2015




After recently releasing their debut album, psych-pop outfit  Gold Celeste are excited to share their brand new single ‘The Wonder of Love’. This comes ahead of their upcoming London shows on Dec 7th & Dec 9th.

Showcasing the band’s shimmery psych sounds, ‘The Wonder of Love‘ is the trio’s most emotional single to date and comes just a couple of months after the band released their debut full-length. The track itself is a real testament on the nature of love at it’s very best; with it’s tingly guitars, it’s moving and complex song that really does mark the next exciting step for this new Oslo-based trio.

Gold Celeste is Simen Hallset on bass/vocals, Petter Andersen on drums and Eirik Fidjeland on guitar/synths/vocals, who all met at an arts & music college in Trondheim, Norway. It was the group’s shared musical influences (Sigur Rós, Radiohead, Deerhunter, My Bloody Valentine and Beach House, to name a few) that brought them together and allowed Gold Celeste to be born.

Soaked in hope, positivity, honesty, disgust, humour and lots of love; all with a touch of introvert melancholy, ‘The Glow’ is a record that seeks to explore human beings & the sentient mind.  Simen comments: ”The record’s title comes from the glow every human being is carrying, whether they’re aware of it or not. There is no doubt, what so ever, when looking at the history of mankind that we’re able to do the most atrocious and evil acts, and these acts will change both people and societies as a whole. What we are, and might be capable of. Our potential is of both being infinitely hateful, and infinitely loving. This is the glow.”

Speaking about how the band chose their name, Simen explained: “Gold Celeste is a name inspired by the beautiful play of colors and lights in the sky during the golden hour, right after sunrise or just before sunset. In a way, that phenomenon reflects what we hope to achieve with our music; tempting people to pause for a while, relax in whatever manner they see fit, focus and simply indulge.”

Gold Celeste’s debut is a wonderful blend of melancholic grandeur, coupled with laid-back elegance and lyrics that delve into injustice, the increasing pacification and the ‘fast food culture’-ification of modern society where information is so readily available via social media. It’s about searching for something bigger than this, a kind of human universality that’s both understandable and thought provoking without falling into the trap of self-indulgence. There’s a humour, a wit, some uncertainty and humility projected straight from the heart. Gold Celeste are look for a place where authenticity flourishes every time.

‘The Glow’ draws inspiration from the crispy, lo-fi notes of their peers from the 60s, the eccentrics and adventurers of the 70s, the DIY indie-gazers and dissident hip-hoppers of the 80s and 90s – a tropical haven to which you can bring your culturally and socially alienated friends. A very exciting first album for this emerging Norwegian three-piece.

See Gold Celeste live:

Dec 7th – Sebright Arms, LONDON
Dec 9th – The Old Blue Last, LONDON


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Gold Celeste Riot Factory Page

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