Eugene Quell Streaming “I Will Work The Land” EP

December 9, 2015


Eugene Quell Streaming “I Will Work The Land” EP via DIY Mag

“I Will Work The Land” Due Out December 11th
on Exploding In Sound and Tipp City

Release Show This Friday at The Lexington in London

London’s Eugene Quell has premiered I Will Work The Land, the latest EP from Tobias Hayes‘ mysteriously monikered band. Due out Friday, December 11th via Exploding In Sound Records (cassettes) and the newly formed Tipp City (digital), DIY Mag are sharing the album ahead of it’s release.

Speaking about the release, DIY shared, “…the latest Eugene Quell EP, is Tobias’ most direct sucker-punch to date. Brushing off the haze with woozy opening track ‘London Pollen’, from there on out it’s all guns blazing with fired up melody. The one-two noise-pop strike of ‘Song For Marla And Lucas’ into ‘Soft Coin’ might dig deepest, but as he reigns things back in for the wilting lovelorn ode of ‘RRW’ it proves Quell’s lasting calling-card is in the honesty and earnesty with which everything is sewn together.”

Eugene Quell is a song and dance man, who writes fuzz-driven sing-alongs. He has seen some shit and paid his dues. He also never existed, except in a story based almost entirely on 80s cult cinema, rock’n’roll history and a broken nose.

Eugene Quell is Toby Hayes. But not. Quell came to life when Hayes began experimenting with home recordings in 2012. Limited by lack of equipment, Quell’s early sound was more defined by restrictions than anything else.

On the first day of 2014, a self titled CD EP was released, shortly followed by a 10″ EP in the Summer. After some tours, festivals and many months traveling Asia, Quell is back with the release of his third record, ‘I Will Work The Land‘. The four track EP contains the only surviving recordings from a severely culled session at a studio in Devon, Summer of 2014.

Now, having learned just how important production is to the project, Quell is once more going solo at his make-shift studio, forming his sound, working at writing the best songs he can possibly write, and aiming to create beyond the brittle confines of genre.

Catching the soul of demo recordings, the character of instruments and the vibe of the take is all that matters now. Because from that place of pure self expression and freedom, you can go anywhere, and you can be anyone.

“Imagine that!”


12/11 – London, UK @ The Lexington w/ Tangled Hair & Modern Rituals

“I Will Work The Land”
Exploding In Sound + Tipp City Records
December 11, 2015

1. London Pollen
2. Song for Marla and Lucas
3. Soft Coin
4. RRW

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