Broken Rim Records Releasing ‘demon daze’ Latest LP from Boston Indie 3-Piece sports. on Vinyl January 8th

December 7, 2015

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Broken Rim Records Releasing ‘demon daze’ Latest LP from Boston Indie 3-Piece sports. on Vinyl January 8, Now Available For Pre-Order


Boston three-piece sports. (yes that’s lower case with a period at the end) are teaming with Broken Rim Records to release their latest LP ‘demon daze’ on vinyl – a first for the band – on January 8.

The album was recorded last March with Mike Moschetto at The Office in North Andover, MA.

Pre-orders are now available here.

sports. blends the high energy of punk with emo inspired guitar riffs and pop hooks. After forming during the Summer of 2013, the group began playing shows in and around the Boston area starting late that same year. The band self-released their debut EP ‘We’ll Get to it Eventually’ in March of 2014. Since then they’ve released a split with When All We Love Is Lost and most recently they self-released their first full-length record ‘demon daze’ in August of 2015.

What others have said about ‘demon daze’:

“Their lyrics are desperate and emotional, but maintain a staggering pop sensibility. If this is what sports. is capable of on a debut, I can’t wait to see what a few years of experience is going to do for their sound.”- 36 Vultures

“If you’ve been stuck in a rut of mellowed out, shoegaze-emo releases and want something to kick you back into shape right before the semester starts, you’re in the right place. sports. are full of tremendous writers capable of writing hooks that will stick in your head long after the record is done.”
– Couch King Emo

sports demon daze cover art

Track Listing:

1. I Love to be Chill

2. Matt Damon

3. Words That Rhyme With Different, etc.

4. I Am the Boy

5. Ridge Road

6. Spooky Damon

7. Steven Believin’

8. Good Will Haunting

9. Rick’s Licks (A Harsh Tale)

10. Police//You’re Outta Here

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