A Will Away Team with Glamour Kills to Free Release “More Bliss” Acoustic EP

December 21, 2015
 Emily Tantuccio

Emily Tantuccio

A Will Away Team with Glamour Kills to Release
More Bliss Acoustic EP as Free Download

Bliss EP Out Now on Triple Crown Records

A Will Away have teamed with alternative-minded brand Glamour Kills to release their newMore Bliss EP. Featuring three previously unreleased acoustic versions of songs originally part of their Bliss EP, out now on Triple Crown Records, More Bliss is available for free download on the Glamour Kills blog.
Download “More Bliss” from Glamour Kills 

Watch the video for “My Sitter”

Started four years ago, A Will Away have developed their sound to create music that is emotionally resonant and powerful, writing fully realized rock songs that call to mind underground rock stalwarts such as Balance and Composure and Transit without being derivative. The band wrote Bliss over a three week period after scrapping almost an entire LP’s worth of material, and finding their own voice in the process.

“We had reached this point where we had made all these previous records and we really tried to cater and direct those to an audience when we made them,” singer Matt Carlson admits. “I think we found over time that what we were missing and what we were losing throughout that process was playing music for ourselves—the reason we started playing to begin with. We wanted to bring out the best of ourselves as musicians.”

01) Be Easy
02) My Sitter
03) Play Dead

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