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In Pictures: NMTB + Hereford Live Oxjam Noise Night Presents Maniac SS, Brocken Spectre, The Broken Oak Duet, Skinhorse and A Hundred Suns

November 5, 2015


Towards the end of October we were at The Venue in Hereford to say goodbye to one of our favourite promoters, Never Mind The Bullocks for their Hereford Live co-hosted Oxjam Charity Night of Noise.

 Brendan Stephens founder of NMTB started the promotions company 10 years ago whilst photographing local gigs. The night saw the final show NMTB will be solely hosting, but don’t fear as he has teamed up with Hereford Live to continue with helping their must see events. “I joined the Hereford Live committee in order to work with like minded people, but a show like this Oxjam gig seemed a fitting farewell to NMTB promo; something that has been a big part of my life and a passion for so long,” said Brendan Stephens “I will still have a heavy involvement in live music with Hereford Live, and bands will still see me behind the camera lens as B at Gippa!”.

Friday October 23rd, The Venue hosted a Hereford Live and NMTB collaborated show in aid of Oxjam. The dedicated noise night featured local acts Brocken SpectreManiac SS,  A Hundred Suns, Skinhorse and The Broken Oak Duet. 

A Hundred Suns kicked the evenings proceedings off with their heavy and dynamic set. This powerful local 4 piece are busting with potential.

ahundredsuns 12141604_487838121380473_3326002992961243520_n

Skinhorse followed, a local favourite this thunderous 2-piece filled the venue with their fierce and obnoxious instrumentation- creating the sounds of an outfit at least twice its size, the duo drowned the night with their creative sonic wave of fuzz and jangle.

12140629_487838781380407_5335740724638930788_n skinhorse

Worcester’s instrumental math rock duo The Broken Oak Duet effortlessly energised the crowd mid-evening for another flawless set of precise intellectual instrumentation. This pair are onto big things and we can’t wait for their debut album to drop!

bod 12188928_487836501380635_2418453940549927036_n 12038030_487836428047309_3529777398104508063_n

Penultimate act on the night, local trio Brocken Spectre powered through their set with fierce projections of serious shredding, crashing cymbals and a belting beat. You’d be hard pressed to find your eyes anywhere but fixated on the intense guitarist.

12063377_487836744713944_1947832784526962731_n 12043152_487836661380619_7480695217879411283_n broken

Finally, battling for loudest band of the evening and with a faint early 90’s grunge feel, new local band and in their own right another Hereford supergroup, Maniac SS headlined the night with their aggressive, raucous punk filled sound and intense energy.

10513370_487838771380408_8542556984597247231_n12108164_487838548047097_8022283700395444263_n 12049237_487838581380427_74884357632195350_n

A fitting line up for  an incredible finale to a promotions company who have bought some of the best live nights to Hereford and surrounding areas. Not only did NMTB create the ideal line up yet again but they hosted another exceptional night of live music and talent on our doorstep.

However be sure to keep updated with Hereford Live to find out what they’ve got planned for live events across the county.

NMTB have done so much for the local music community and we can’t thank them enough for introducing us to some incredible acts from across the globe.

All Images by B at Gippa– Please feel free to use, you are encouraged to share these images providing a credit to B at Gippa.

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