Groenland release brand new video for their cover of James Blakes ‘Retrograde’

November 11, 2015


Groenland release brand new video for their cover of James Blakes ‘Retrograde’

Groenland are a Montreal-based sextet indie pop group who have experienced such success in their home nation they’re now beginning to spread their musical abilities to further shores. They released a LP last year titled ‘The Chase’ and it was an 11 song showcase of their creative talent and unique sound. The album resulted in the group being nominated for Pop Album of the Year at the Independent Music Awards and for Pop Group of the Year at SiriusXM Indie Awards.

They then capped of their exceptional year by touring North America, Europe and playing at the Great Escapefestival back in May. Groenland are now beginning to push through the underground and receive the right recognition for their work. They have now treated us to a cover of James Blake hit ‘Retrograde’ as well as a beautifully shot video to co inside. They’ve able to reproduce the sound of their album onto a cover that is sure to set tingles down your spine.
James Blake is responsible for some of the most soul powered singles of the last decade. Attempting to cover one of his songs is no mean feat and must be executed with the same raw vocal talents and instrument playing that’s made him such a big name. Luckily Groenland accepted the challenge and definitely competed if not outshone James on their version of ‘Retrograde’.
Recorded in Arcade Fire’s old studio, the band allow lead signer Sabrina Halde to take the forefront allowing her dominate voice to prevail, adding extra emotion to that of the original. Sabrina carries the same vocal powers of that of Sarah Dugas & Ella Henderson. Her voice is accompanied fantastically by the 5 other members of the band and include a piano, a violin, an electric guitar, a digital piano and the sound of two backing singers. This whole orchestra results in complete bliss for the listener and a perfect match for the classy black and wide video to go alongside.
What’s so interesting about the video is the simplicity of it all and what that creates. When hearing a song on the radio or online it’s easy to think of all music as being manufactured and fake. However, this video goes to show all you really need is 5 talented musicians, one incredible voice and the results speak for themselves.

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