Father Murphy share track and trailer from new EP, Lamentations, released this week via Backwards

November 17, 2015
Sara Xiayu

Sara Xiayu


  Father Murphy are soon to release a new EP Lamentations, which completes their 2015 Trilogy of The Cross, starting with Calvary (released via Blue Tapes January) and was followed by Croce (released in March via The Flenser), and today we share one of the movements from it, and a video trailer for the record.

  The Italian duo comprised by Rev. Murphy and Chiara Lee have been troubling the underground since the early Noughties with a series of dark, disturbing recordings. This time they have teamed up with producer Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (Larsen) for a 10” EP aptly titled Lamentations to be released by the avant-garde label Backwards this Friday.

   Recorded in Turin under the supervision of sound engineer Paul Beauchamp, Lamentations finds Father Murphy at a crossroad of sorts: instigated with the guidance of Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo, the core duo of Chiara and the Reverend opted for a slight alteration of their signature squalor-sound, whilst still remaining cheerfully focused on their thematic obsessions (namely: death, God, pain, forgiveness). Inspired by a tongue-in-cheek reading of the Book of Jeremiah, as well as the traditions that mark the orthodox Holy Week Lamentations, the band have produced two long compositions that feel like classic Father Murphy material, yet are substantially enriched in respect to their usually spare sonic palette.

 The death-tone of the Reverend’s guitar has been replaced, resurrected as a trumpet of the same timbre, and Chiara Lee’s half-childish half-demonic vocals, the buzzing drones that wrap the duo’s sound in an uncomfortable suffocating aura, remain but in a new form. Lamentations emerges under the influence of dystopian, inverted British sounds (a by-product of Modonese Palumbo’s well-documented love for bands like Nurse With Wound and Coil), and leaves an aftertaste reminiscent of the twisted psychedelic black metal played by groups like Urfaust and Striborg. The final result is another distinctly Father Murphy release, yet another dense brick in the enigmatic wall of sound they are building year after year.
Lamentations Track-list:
  • 1. Mercy and Truth
  • 2. Lamentations
From the harbingers of occultism and eroticism lifted from their nation’s giallo tradition, to their theatrically adopted pseudo-religious personas, this Italian group are a ‘cult’ band in every sense of the word… Donning a cloak and edging into black occultism doesn’t have to call for downtuned guitars and corpse paint… when peeking into the murky and bizarre world of Father Murphy, it should most definitely require something of a ritual to earn rite of passage.” –  THE QUIETUS
“…an unapologetic venture into head music and contains some powerful compositions. It’s steeped in a sense of reverence, but one that looks below, rather than expecting anything from above.” – DROWNED IN SOUND
At the dark heart of the record is… epic torment – wails, chants, Satan’s own orchestra – somehow skirting round pomposity. That such regular flecks of humour do little to dampen the sinister presiding atmosphere remains Father Murphy’s most potent spell.” – THE SKINNY
The oddball psychedelic chamber pop the Italian trio exhale will creep you out with drones, lullabies and anguished vocals all competing for front-runner spot in your next nightmare. Perfect.” – TERRORIZER
If you’re looking for something to chill the bones and freeze the heart, then you need look no further than the discomfort caused by Father Murphy.” – THE GRIM TOWER
Italy’s fabulously lawless organ-guitar-drums trio Father Murphy, who have – with their colossal new album Anyway Your Children Will Deny It – delivered a disc of exhilarating vocal harmonies, low church organ themes, and flipped out heathen tantrums all exquisitely staged and performed with that same theatrical drama as early This Heat or JA Caesar… this is a haunting and superb work that you really must check out.” – JULIAN COPE, HEAD HERITAGE
Father Murphy delve further into the prog horror sound of 2008…And He told us to turn to the Sun, with a pounding Gialloesque score that suggests a band who’ve studied Messiaen’s Messe de la Pentecote alongside Os Mutantes and spotted a deep and true connection.” – MOJO

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