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Electric Harmony Presents: The Age of L.U.N.A & Mike Dennis at Start The Bus, Bristol December 15th

November 16, 2015


S A V E   T H E   D A T E

Electric Harmony presents…
Start The Bus, Bristol on Tuesday 15th December 2015

• The Age Of L.U.N.A •

Noisey (Vice): “Think about soulful music – songs by Erykah Badu, Tribe Called Quest, Fela Kuti; tracks that’ve been infused with unrelenting energy for life. Combine those earthly influences with a British accent and you’ve got The Age Of L.U.N.A, one of the few British rap groups who, despite being an average age of 18, are standing above hashtag themed rap to create something more wholesome than a forgettable hook… Listen and you’ll hear elements of fellow Londoners Hawk House, Chance the Rapper,and production that’s indebted to the likes of Soulelection, Iman Omari, and the array of delectable rarities that can be found when spending hours getting lost on Soundcloud.

DJ Magazine (9/10): “Holy hell – how have I avoided Age Of L.U.N.A for so long? Scratch that, WHY have I avoided Age Of L.U.N.A for so long? I’m an idiot – this is utterly ace, a leak from their new tape that kicks off in a welter of wibble and bloopy madness, then streamlines itself into a raw stomping Dilla-style thrum of wonder, Butch Arkas and Kyote Noir swapping lines that recall everything that can be awesome and fresh about London rap music when it’s delivered with such uncut ferocity and strength. The Mixtape this comes from, ‘Live Under No Authority’ is now available for nowt from a broadband connection near you and should be downloaded as soon as humanly possible. Essential.

• Mike Dennis •

Mike Dennis is a classically-trained violinist whose boyhood love of Run DMC, Beastie Boys and Gangstarr led him to create a unique kind of string-heavy hip hop music he half-seriously refers to as Violinica.

Performing using Jess (violin), a loop pedal and a cajon, Mike builds up layers of dense harmony and embellishes with thoughtful, energetic rhymes drawing inspiration from daily British life and the perils and profits of love with a geeky fanaticism for rhythm-bending and syncopation.

You won’t have seen an artist like this before.

In his previous guise as Fidgital, Mike supported De La Soul, The Bays, J Live and Aesop Rock and toured mainland Europe extensively leaving crowds flabbergasted. In 2015, he released”Another Hour” on his own label, D-Funk Records. The album was made in the 28 days of February for the RPM Challenge. It’s available now on iTunes.

That shit you was doing…took me to different dimensions, man” (Vordal Mega of Cannibal Ox)

“How many brains do you have?! “
(Sensible J/Remi)

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