Asbjørn releases retro tongue-in-cheek video for Scandinavian Love!

November 5, 2015


Asbjørn releases retro tongue-in-cheek video for Scandinavian Love!

For fans of: The Irrepressibles, Lulu Rouge, iamamiwhoami, Kate Boy

“…where Nordic sensitivity and pop vibes fuse.” – IDOL Magazine

Danish pop kid Asbjørn‘s latest video for Scandinavian Love is a colourful, retro ode to ‘70s game shows. The track appears on his new album Pseudo Visions, which is out on November 6th via Sinnbus.

Asbjørn plays a merciless heartbreaker who seeks help to feel compassion for his past lovers in order to become a better boyfriend. It’s a fun tongue-in-cheek take on the era with Asbjørn commenting: “We wanted to capture this over-the-top irony of TV game shows from that era. The song is quite shameless lyrically, and this video allowed us to get the message across in a fun and unpretentious way – it most definitely steps out of the melancholy of the past pseudo visions.”

The video premiered on i-D but is available to watch now via Asbjørn’s YouTube page.

Pseudo Visions displays a more nuanced form of pop music, a type of that allows Asbjørn to express himself fully, on his own terms with intricate backing tracks performed and produced by the multi-instrumentalist himself. The songwriting process also involved audiences across Europe, helping to highlight and develop the tunes as they took shape based on the crowd’s reaction. His sound follows in the footsteps of Scandinavian artists such as Lulu Rouge, Kate Boy and iamamiwhoami, but with his own twist that will appeal to the indie-disco crowds of the UK.

Pseudo Visions is released via Sinnbus on 6th November 2015.

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