Woozy Stream “Blistered” In Full via Impose Magazine

October 14, 2015


Woozy Share “Blistered” LP via IMPOSE Magazine

Full Length Debut Out Friday, October 16th
on Exploding In Sound / Community Records

On Tour Now! Midwest and Chicago this week!

“It’s one of the most fully-realized debuts of the year, demonstrating the band’s knack for rhythms that interlock like puzzle pieces.” – Stereogum

“the band shifts seamlessly from cymbal-crashing punk loudness to quiet, finger-picking folk inspired harmonies” – IMPOSE

“New Orleans’ Woozy has a whole lot of feelings, but also a whole lot of not giving a damn.” – NPR

Woozy are thrilled to unveil Blistered, the band’s full length debut, now streaming on IMPOSE ahead of it’s release this Friday, October 16th. It’s been a long time coming, but the band’s emotional rollercoaster of punk, indie, slowcore, and subtle emo has arrived and it’s a wild ride. After a pair of EPs, singles, splits, and a compilation of the band’s earlier material, the New Orleans trio have captured the essence of Woozy on their full length, a cynical and brash look at culture and society paired with heartbreaking honesty and emotional depth. The trio, comprised of Kara Stafford (guitar/vocals), John St. Cyr(guitar/vocals) and Ian Paine-Jesam (drums/percussion), have evolved their sound onBlistered, pushing the trio’s experimental “rock music” into new territory. The band’s framework may be rooted in “sad pop,” but Woozy are able to blend contrasting ideas within a song, simultaneously remaining focused on intricate melodies and introspective lyricism while effectively expanding and circumventing common structures.

IMPOSE premiered the record, saying, “pinning down their sound is like pinning your prom date’s boutonniere on the C train—shaky and dangerous. The songs on Blistered are dynamic and often include multiple melodies, while Kara Stafford’s and John St. Cyr’s vocals blend like a Fauvist’s palette knife. The songs do not contain bass, but the jangly guitar interplay and Ian Paine-Jesam’s virtuoso drumming distract enough that it wasn’t until my fifth listen that I came across this revelation.”

Sharing their thoughts on the album, Stereogum added, “It’s one of the most fully-realized debuts of the year, demonstrating the band’s knack for rhythms that interlock like puzzle pieces. The record is so strong because it relies so heavily on the chemistry of the three members — John St. Cyr and Kara Stafford on guitars and vocals, Ian Paine-Jesam on drums — to create some compelling, dynamic set pieces.”

The band’s complete US tour recently kicked off and the band played throughout the East Coast this past week. The tour moves on throughout the Midwest this week, hitting Chicago on Friday at Subterranean before the band weave their way back to New Orleans for the Community Records Block Party next week. See complete dates below.


“Freshman Slump” Tour Dates:

10/14 – Akron, OH @ Fool Mansion w/ Alaska, Setsuna, Forever Losing Sleep
10/15 – Kalamazoo, MI @ Bell’s Brewery w/ Shoto
10/16 – Grand Rapids, MI @ Chamber of Seacrest w/ Odd Dates, Ratboys
10/17 – Chicago, IL @ Downstairs (at SubT) w/ Ratboys, Coaster, Churchkey
10/18 – Davenport, IA @ Uncle Stu’s Haunted Waterpark and Slightly Less Haunted Go-Cart Track w/ Ratboys
10/19 – Ames, IA @ The Record Mill w/ Ratboys
10/20 – Kansas City, KS @ Records With Merritt w/ Ratboys
10/21 – Carbondale, IL @ The Swamp w/ Ratboys
10/22 – Little Rock, AR @ Hollow House w/ Ratboys
10/23 – New Orleans, LA @ Community Records Block Party w/ Gnarwhal, Pope, All People & more
10/29 – Tallahassee, FL @ Club Downunder w/ Ex-Breathers, Gnarwhal & Crocodiles
10/31 – Gainesville, FL @ THE FEST
11/05 – New Orleans, LA @ Siberia w/ Chipper Jones, HIkes, & Alaska
110/6 – Lafayette, LA @ The Wild Salmon w/ Chipper Jones, Hikes, & Alaska
11/07 – Austin, TX @ Hole In the Wall w/ Chipper Jones, Hikes & Alaska
11/08 – Denver, CO @ 7th Circle w/ Alaska
11/09 – Fort Collins, CO @ Downtown Artery w/ Alaska
11/10 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Underground w/ Alaska
11/11 – Boise, ID @ The Olympic Venue w/ Alaska
11/12 – Bellingham, WA w/ Alaska
11/13 – Seattle, WA @ Werewolf Vacation w/ Alaska
11/14 – Portland, OR @ Pound Pit w/ Alaska
11/16 – Eugene, OR @ Blair House w/ Alaska
11/17 – Santa Rosa, CA @ Hendley Hotel w/ Alaska
11/18 – San Francisco, CA @ Honey Hive w/ Alaska
11/19 – Reno, NV @ Fort Rayland w/ Alaska
11/20 – Stockton, CA @ Koffey Cave w/ Alaska
11/21 – Fresno, CA @ MILF Mountain w/ Alaska
11/22 – Monrovia, CA @ Resistor Records MATINEE w/ Alaska
11/22 – Los Angeles, CA w/ Alaska
11/23 – San Deigo, CA @ Creator Space w/ Alaska
11/24 – Las Vegas, NV @ 11th Street w/ Alaska
11/25 – Phoenix, AZ @ Rebel Lounge
11/27 – El Paso, TX @ Bowie Feathers
11/28 – Denton, TX
11/29 – Houston, TX

Blending gorgeous songwriting with heavy and extreme dynamic shifts, the band’s dual lead vocals and guitars challenge natural pop tendencies to create something that avoids easy genre categorization. Elements of indie rock, first wave emo, slowcore, post-punk, art rock, anti-folk, sludge, post-harcore and pure unadulterated pop all swirl together under the demanding beauty of Stafford and St. Cyr’s harmonies. Fidgeting in every direction that the band describe as the sound of a “introspective singer/songwriter brain in a frankenstein body.” There’s a comfort to be found in Woozy’s uncomfortableness, as the trio set out to “help turn “overthinking what you said to the barista while you were looking for change” into an art form.”

“like a Rainer Maria 45 spinning off-center; it’s wobbly and weird, with a twin-guitar-and-vocal interplay that hesitates and jolts forward without missing a beat.” – NPR Music

“The sea change in the track works, and that kind of duality in sound is difficult to pull off.” – The FADER

“Woozy’s new track “Gilding The Lily,” the latest from the New Orleans trio’s upcoming debut Blistered, quietly shuffles with the idea that our perspective is always changing. It begins as a duet between Kara Stafford and John St. Cyr — each line bleeds into the next until it sounds as though they’re thinking as one.” – Stereogum

Blistered (October 16th, 2015)
Community Records/Exploding In Sound

Track List:

1. Venom [stream/embed]
2. Clouds Rush In
3. Painted White [stream/embed]
4. Old Growth
5. Gilding The Lily [stream/embed]
6. Christmas Club
7. Distance
8. The Lurch
9. Another Way Out
10. Fade Like A Sigh

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