The Max Levine Ensemble Announce ‘Backlash, Baby,’ Coming To Lame-O Records and Rumbletowne Records 11/20 + Release Video For ‘Sun’s Early Rays’‏

October 20, 2015


The Max Levine Ensemble Announce Backlash, Baby
Coming To Lame-O Records and Rumbletowne Records November 20th

“Sun’s Early Rays” Video Streaming Now
via Brooklyn Vegan

The Max Levine Ensemble have announced their new record Backlash, Baby, coming to Lame-O Records and Rumbletowne Records on November 20th, 2015! Pre-orders for the record will be available on Wednesday, October 21st at 2 PM EST.

The Max Levine Ensemble have released their music video for “Sun’s Early Rays” viaBrooklyn Vegan. The Bond-esque video features Katie Alice Greer from Priests as the hero and Sharad Satsangi from Ilsa as the villain. This video is the first in a three-part series. A quote from David Combs of The Max Levine Ensemble can be found below.

Watch the video for Sun’s Early Rays via Brooklyn Vegan!
“We made the video ourselves on a snacks and arts and crafts budget. It’s meant to be the climax of a series of videos we’re making for the record that follow an overarching narrative. In “Sun’s Early Rays” the villain has captured The Max Levine Ensemble and intends for us to watch as he uses his giant laser gun to flare up the sun and destroy the earth. The song is about global warming and the video is a loose metaphor for that, but also an excuse to make a 3-minute bond flick.” – David Combs
Backlash, Baby tracklist:

1. Backlash, Baby
2. My Valerian
3. Sun’s Early Rays
4. Born At The Wrong Time
5. Panoptic Vision
6. Big Problems, USA
7. Sicker
8. Fall Of The Constellations
9. Shadow Of Death
10. American
11. You Were A Fighter
12. Going Home Part I
13. Going Home Part II

If you ask The Max Levine Ensemble, they’ll tell you they’re “just another punk band.” Maybe fifteen years in the DC punk scene will put that feeling into you. Growing up surrounded by the shock waves of the political movement bands like Fugazi and Bikini Kill created in the 90s injected radical politics and a DIY work ethic into the members of The Max Levine Ensemble. Since their start, The Max Levine Ensemble has looked to balance their strong political ideals with their love and affinity for pop music, not writing political songs at the expense of writing personal songs or vice versa. You can hear this on their newest album Backlash, Baby, where influences range from Propagandhi to the Pixies, from Riot Grrrl to 60s pop.

In November of 2015, The Max Levine Ensemble will release their latest album Backlash, Baby through Lame-O Records and Rumbletowne Records. A collection of songs written over the last seven years, the album is the culmination of The Max Levine Ensemble’s time together. On Backlash, Baby, they explore the deterioration of relationships in an era of technology and mass surveillance and the erosion of American identity in the face of a deteriorating environment and economy.The band that’s been kicking around the DC scene for fifteen years hasn’t stopped evolving as people and musicians while holding strong to the ideals that drive them. The band you hear on Backlash, Baby is the same Max Levine Ensemble you’ve heard before, but now they’ve got a little something more.

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