Sticky Blood Reveal New Track ‘Balance’‏ Taken From Forthcoming EP “Blood Is Stickier Than Water”

October 15, 2015




Released: 20/11/15 || Label: CARD GANG MUSIC

Sheffield production duo, Sticky Blood, announce their follow up EP “Blood Is Stickier Than Water”. Inspired by the sound that began to grow in the debut EP “I.D”, Andy Nicholson & Jamie Shield maintained focus on exercising fresh ideas for song structures; taking grime to 155bpm, encouraging MCs to explore ideas from a Grime mind-set and apply it to a faster wonkier reality, taking RnB singers and applying their sonics to luscious future pop style sounds, twisting indie influence songs to become explorative electronica. This body of work is an example of how taking a few wrong turns can lead to a place you’ve never been before, while remaining sure of where you came from. Lending the vocals of artists such as Tom Prior & Terri Walker across to abrasive lyricists Coco and Snowy, the sounds feel relevant yet refreshing, at times intentionally obnoxious and intrusive, but coherent and confident

Written and recorded at Red Bull Studios, London, Sticky Blood were able to refine the sounds of each track. Pitching up camp for a week within the studios and inviting a select number of collaborators to join them has ensured every sound and piece of energy has been captured magnificently within the E.P:

“Working with Red Bull was something we had always spoken about doing and it was great to be given the opportunity to team up with them to turn this project into something more then it perhaps would of been. It has given us a bigger team on this project, so there has always been someone there to pick up the slack, a luxury we don’t always have. For that extra energy and effort to be coming from somewhere as influential and established as Red Bull, it’s a big part of elevating this release.”

As the introductory track to the E.P, the video for ‘Balance’ is released exclusively via Red Bull Music. There’s fluidity to it, a magic, a gentle dreamlike air that mesmerises the senses, offset against a deep bass that hums throughout. It leaves you yearning to hear the rest of the E.P, packed with substance but unsure of what direction the sounds of the remaining 4 tracks will take.

Sticky Blood are all about substance, from the name to the music and beyond. The name, originally came about from a comedic moment, which tend to happen quite regularly with these Northern souls but delve a little deeper and the meaning unfolds, as explained by ….

”The insinuation that blood (which represents our music) is stickier than water (water being the diluted examples of music that we hear on a daily basis), and it’s also literal, blood is a stickier substance than water. 

It just feels like a name that represent where we are right now in our heads perfectly. Even the symbol on the EP is the alchemical symbol for blood. We duplicated this to represent the fact that there are 2 of us. This is obviously layered over an image of water to support the album title. We decided to leave the writing off the cover, because we feel it speaks for itself.”



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