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Introducing: IDLES | Bristol post-punk’s return with MEAT EP for October 30th

October 6, 2015


Announce new MEAT EP for self-release on October 30th
Watch new video ‘The Idles Chant’ on YouTube |

Kicking and screaming their way back to the forefront of Bristol’s steadfast independent scene, post-punk five-piece IDLES return triumphantly with their chaotic MEAT EP release, due October 30th.

After taking a hiatus from the live circuit since the success of their debut EP,Welcome, the band aptly describe how they took the time out to perfect their writing process and, “bleed out a s**t tonne of songs that we’re truly proud of.”The result is four tracks of tight, unapologetic, primitive post-punk that pummels hard and strikes to the throat.

“‘The Idles Chant’ was a celebration of us getting fucked up and watching the YouTube clip of The Monks going batshit on German TV,” frontman Joe Talbot explains of their new music video’s inspiration. “We were absolutely enamoured with them and felt we should pay tribute with our own version. The lyrics are a declaration of our belligerence, we wanted to have a positive anthem that f***ed off all the c**ts. I had an idea that I’d shave my head like they did and make it into a video, then I met one of the brothers from Fat White Family and he said not to because it made his brother look like a horrible f***er. I chose to do it because I love the one shot approach as it’s a vivid vision, and it’s cheap.”

Across four tracks of oppressive, propulsive scratch, grind and release, Meatfeels like listening in on a reluctant confession. Stubborn and unyielding dynamics push hard through shades of bitter blacks, opaque greys and blinding flashes of white, resolutely human, catharsis, overseen by a prevalent sense of watertight musicianship honed through relentless hours glaring from Idle to Idle in boxy, dank rehearsal spaces.

The result is a sonic Stockholm Syndrome; a public release of a deeply personal, insular process which pleads to be re-contained. Taut, concrete downstrokes constantly drive through Joe Talbot’s clenched, malevolent delivery as he muses on personal politics, everyman frustrations and idiosyncratic abstractions. “We called it MEAT because of what I was going through at the time,” Talbot explains. “My mother was very ill at the time which made me think a lot about my own existence. Existential philosophy is always about trying to figure out who you are in the world, and for me, you’re just meat. We are all just lumps of meat any beyond that it’s just a thought process.”

Devouring influence whole, rejecting, replacing and regurgitating each and every one, this is post-punk in its realest sense. Meat is a bold, naked re-arrival; a deeply profound statement asserting IDLES as one of the most vital sounds emerging within British music right now.

Pre-order MEAT here:

Tour Dates

14th Bristol, Louisiana (EP release show)
28th London, Old Blue Last (EP release show)

IDLES are: Joe Talbot, Mark Bowen, Lee Kiernan, Adam Devonshire, Jon Beavis.

MEAT track listing & artwork:

1. Queens
2. The Idles Chant
3. Romantic Gestures
4. Nice Man

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