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Highlives Unveil ‘Misguided Youth’ Details & Stream Single‏

October 12, 2015


Highlives Unveil ‘Misguided Youth’ Details & Stream Single

Bristolian Pop Punks Are Set On The Right Path


“You’re always going to be surrounded by temptations throughout life, of both the good and bad kind,” opines Liam Edwards, vocalist with Bristolian pop punks Highlives, whilst reflecting on the inspiration behind his band’s new 5 track E.P Misguided Youth.

The singer continues: “We’re often misguided through our younger years, and our lyrics reflect on that a lot, focusing on how it feels to see younger people go through the same situations, and having to make the same life choices that you once had to. It’s easy to become lost amongst the various situations that are thrown at you in life, and the decisions that you’re forced to make.”

This contrast between both the hopefullness and challenges of youth greatly informHighlives’ music, their effervescent pop punk shot through with melancholy, most evident in Edwards’ sombre vocals; “I think that when you’re young, with so much information being shoved down your throat – information that is constantly being contradicted from person to person –  it’s very easy to make bad decisions, and for the lines between wrong and right to become blurred,” says the frontman, “Fortunately for us, our passion for music and performing together gives us an escape from those challenges.”

Despite the downbeat overtones of the lyrical content, Misguided Youth is the first release that Highlives (completed by guitarist Ben Lucas, bassist Mark Prouse and drummer Steve Parks) are, as Edwards says, “100% happy with everything”. “This E.P showcases our progression as a band, as well as well as our versatility and range of influences,” says Edwards, “We are inspired by old school and more modern pop punk, as well as some heavier artists, and bands such as Biffy Clyro as well, and we feel that opens us up to a range of audiences beyond the pop punk genre. This is a clear step up.”

Misguided Youth Track Listing:

  1. Wake Me Up
  2. Heavy Weight
  3. Twenty-Two
  4. Walking Blind
  5. Better Days

EP ‘Misguided Youth’ is released on 11th December.

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