Cold Sweats Share “Coney Island Cops”

October 1, 2015


Cold Sweats Share “Coney Island Cops” on Noisey

Full Length Debut “Social Coma” Due out November 6th via Six 3 Collective


“Coney Island Cops,” the latest single from New York’s Cold Sweats is brutal and relentless. For about 40 seconds, all hell breaks lose as the trio dive head first into brash 80’s hardcore influences and primal aggression. The band’s depravity isn’t lost however and the ol’ “fuck the police” chestnut rings true on “Coney Island Cops” with Cold Sweats own malicious punk spin. Set to release their full length debut album Social Coma on November 6th via Six 3 Collective, an eclectic beast of punk that ranges from drunken noise rock blasts and surf punk fuzz to walls of corrosive hardcore and deranged crooning, Cold Sweats are playing by their own rules. While the band’s first single “Waste of a Day”twisted and churned through creepy dissonance, “Coney Island Cops” is all bile and vitriol… consider it your daily cathartic release.

Noisey premiered “Coney Island Cops,” calling the song, “Straight out of the early hardcore handbook, New York trio Cold Sweats use Black Flag and others as a jumping off point for their fierce take on punk on the track … If that guitar tone isn’t approaching epic levels of “Nervous Breakdown”-ness, nothing is.”

Having previously played together in former bands, the trio are impeccably tight with radiant chemistry throughout their debut as they tear apart all genres of punk only to reshape them into their own vision. Produced by Hunter Davidsohn (Porches., Frankie Cosmos, Battle Ave) at Business District Recording Studios, the album burns through twelve tracks in just under a half an hour, each chaotic moment fueling the next over a bizarre twist of melodies, triumphantly harsh guitar tones, and crushing rhythms from Cold Sweats’ Alex Craver (drums/vocals), Brandon Musa (bass/vocals), and Peter Ives(guitar/vocals).

Upcoming Shows:

10/09 – Binghamton, NY @ Fitzies Pub w/ Crimson Brethren, Creepy Uncle Madrid, and Underground River
10/10 – Rochester, NY @ Vineyard Community Space w/ Tracks, Secret Pizza, and Quarries
10/17 – Brooklyn, NY @ Aviv [Exploding In Sound, Gimme Tinnitus, Ipsum Magazine CMJ Party]
10/24 – Brooklyn, NY @ Aviv w/ Dead Broke, Nonsense, and Penskie File
11/05 – Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium w/ Bethlehem Steel and Pile
11/06 – Ithaca, NY @ Chanticleer Loft w/ Hot Tip and why+the+wires

Hailing from Binghamton and Brooklyn, NY, Cold Sweats was formed in June 2015 by drummer Alex Craver, bassist Brandon Musa and guitarist Peter Ives. The trio recorded their debut album, Social Coma, with friend and engineer Hunter Davidsohn (Porches, Sirs, Frankie Cosmos) at his Business District Recording studios in Johnson City, NY. Davidsohn also performed on some of the tracks. Their music blends elements of punk, pop and surf. The album will be released on November 6th by Six 3 Collective from Columbus, OH.

Cold Sweats played their first show in Brooklyn, NY in July of 2015 with Shellshag, Flykills and CCTV. They hit the road in late August for a weekend with Rivergazer, Outta Gas and Media Limits. The band are preparing for a busy Fall of shows throughout the Northeast including an appearance at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon in mid-October.

Though their forthcoming self titled LP marks their official debut, New York based Cold Sweats is the culmination and realization of an upbringing in the small but passionate punk and hardcore scene of upstate New York, and years spent touring the country in bands that ran both the DIY circuit, as well as established venues. Currently based in both Binghamton and Brooklyn, New York bassist Brandon Musa, drummer Alex Craver, and guitarist Peter Ives grew up within a small community of bands that often shared stages and members, eventually leading to all three members joining together in the band Summer People. After a string of successful albums, and a rigorous touring schedule in a veggie oil powered van that earned them a loyal following across the country, Summer People called it quits, but the former bandmates soon found themselves playing together once again, and working on a new project that would become Cold Sweats.

An amalgam of dirty gritty rock n’ roll with sometimes violent and jarring guitar riffs that lay on top melodic progressions, warm bass tones, and bombastic drums, their lo-fi cacophonous sound belies thoughtful songwriting, and intentionality. The band’s debut, produced by Hunter Davidsohn was recorded in a destitute abandoned area of Binghamton, home to Twilight Zone creator Rod Sterling, and bassist Brandon Musa credits that creepy unsettling backdrop with influencing the bands sound, jokingly referring to it as “Rod Sterling punk.” With all three members heavily contributing to the writing process, and assigning vocal duties based on who fits each song, Cold Sweats is very much the sum of its parts. While rooted in their collective vision for the band, the member’s individual voices come through in both performance and composition creating a sound influenced by a range of genres, and artists that is uniquely their own.

Social Coma tracklist:
[artwork by Jackson Wingate]

1. The Business
2. Coney Island Cops [stream/embed]
3. Waste of a Day [stream/embed]
4. Trouble Every Day
5. Hater Failure
6. Social Coma
7. Mock Me Gently
8. Valor in Vain
9. Souvenir
10. Problem Kids
11. Hive Mind
12. Coward in a War

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