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Cassette Store Day 2015- Little L Records Interview Special

October 15, 2015


This year, October 17th, is a day where music lovers, in particular music lovers addicted to the cassette format, rejoice- it’s International Cassette Store Day. For most music collectors, regardless of format, it’s the thrill of finding a release you’ve not yet found, a limited edition, low numbered release, a new/rare version of a release you have, something which has longed to be in place of your prized possessions. Collecting CD’s, vinyls and cassettes is addictive, but it’s exciting. This year, we have a specific day to binge on our cassette fixation a day which exceeded expectations since its creation last year. What was once a predominantly UK day has since expanded to the US, and support for the day, as well as stockists, have thoroughly increased.

This year many artists are taking part in the day and teaming up with labels and stores to release their music on cassette, all of which released specifically for this event, limited edition and something any collector will quickly snag. With more recognised acts taking part such Gengahr, Girl Band, The Maccabees and more. With just days away, the coverage for the day has ruptured. But it’s the plethora of independent, some of which unsigned, some lesser known acts that we’ve got our eyes on. For these acts are the talent that shines, the musicians producing limited runs of must have items- these are the artists that we can see are honoured to be involved in this day and we can only support their dream further.



This year, we are once again delighted to be taking part as a store stockists holding CSD releases. We are thrilled to be a participating store to hold the release from respectful Irish label Little L Records. We spent some time chatting to Callum of LLR to find out more about what this renowned and lovable label has planned for this years event.

You’re no stranger to the site, we regularly team up for a special LLR take over, but please introduce yourself and your role within all things LLR.

Hi! I’m Callum and I run Little L Records here in Dublin. I basically run everything to do with the label, from packing orders to finding new artists to work with.

You’re participating in this year’s Cassette Store Day which we are thrilled to be hosting in the store. Why did you sign up for this years CSD?

I signed up this year as last year was such a success and I felt we had a cool idea for a release this year. Last year we did Syd Kemp’s EP “THE HORROR” on cassette and it was a really great success. This year I had the idea to do a compilation showcasing the Dublin lo-fi scene we have here and I thought CSD would be the perfect time to do it.

Is this your first year involved with the day?

We did Syd Kemp’s cassette last year and we honestly all were so happy with everything that goes with CSD. Everyone involved is super dedicated and into the medium of cassettes, which is super fun and refreshing to find people this genuinely passionate.

How do you feel Cassette store day has evolved over time?

I feel like it can only get bigger! Last year I thought the releases were pretty massive, with album’s like J Dilla’s Donuts getting reissued but even bands like Green Day and Surfer Blood are doing reissues despite being signed to pretty massive labels. It’s refreshing to see these larger labels take notice of what their fans want and to take notice that cassette is still a viable medium to be releasing on.

“Herzog TV: A Dublin Lo-Fi Collection” is the name of your Limited edition CSD compilation. Where did the inspiration for this collection come from?

A lot of the bands involved had put out stuff on a sort of digital label collective called Herzog TV, which is where the namesake comes from. The idea itself came out of a realisation I had a few months back that there’s a really cool scene of people making lo-fi pop kinda stuff in a real DIY way.

How did you find the acts in which to curate this compilation?

Most of the acts are friends of mine and people involved in the Herzog TV circle so we all thought it’d be a fun one.

Describe what listeners can expect from the record?

You’ll discover a lot of music from Ireland that isn’t U2! (yay!)

Where else can you find the release?

You’ll be able to find it in a few stores, but we’ll have it on all of our online outlets!

How would you describe what this celebrated day provides to the music community?

I think it gives DIY labels and artists, in addition to cassette enthusiasts of course, something to look forward to that really brings the scene together!

To a small DIY but loveable label, what does Cassette store day personally mean to you?

I think it gives me another great outlet to bring peoples music to new ears!

Other than the release are you doing anything else to celebrate the day?

We’ll also have a release from Canadian experimental outfit Tire Fire and English shoegaze/ambient musician Linden Pomeroy. We’ll have a show in Dublin at the Pop Inn as well with nearly all the bands participating in the compilation playing, in addition to a few bands from the amazing Popical Island, a label I love immensely.

Are you already planning next year’s event?


And Finally any last words?

Thanks so much for reading this, have a swell day!

As ever, thank you Callum! 

Little L Records once again gets it so right with their CSD releases this year, there’s a reason they are one of the most valued labels around and we can’t wait to get the albums in the store. Check back this weekend-

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