Cape Cub streams new track ‘Keep Me In Mind’

October 6, 2015

Cape Cub - KMIM


Cape Cub streams new track ‘Keep Me In Mind’

“His talent shines so brightly that it should be pretty clear that there are some big things in store for him” • The 405 

“It’s not often that a song can be simultaneously somber and uplifting”• Hillydilly 

“It’s basically musical therapy” • When The Gramophone Rings


Following up from the incredibly well received ‘Swim’, which garnered over 160k SoundCloud streams and 200k+ combined YouTube views, topping all of the Hype Machine charts simultaneously, Cape Cub has unveiled his new track ‘Keep Me In Mind’.

Much like ‘Swim’, ‘Keep Me In Mind’ is a tale of love told through a slow burning showcase of the young talent’s impeccable songwriting talents. It’s just over 3 minutes of atmospheric delight that broods and builds with a metronomic thudding beat. Chad Male’s versatile vocals shine in delicate, intimate phrases and in juxtaposing passionate and emotional eruptions of grit. 

Since the success of ‘Swim’, he has tucked himself away penning song after song for his debut EP. 2015 promised big things for the young musician and with two well-received Great Escape showcases and an ever-growing fan base under his belt, Cape Cub continues on the road to great things. 

Details of Cape Cub’s debut EP to be announced soon.

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