The Lion And The Wolf Streams New Track – ‘Bar Stools’‏

September 10, 2015




The Lion And The Wolf Streams ‘Bar Stools’
Taken From The New 7inch – ‘My Father’s Eyes’

LISTEN: The Lion And The Wolf – Bar

It’s beautiful and we want you to hear it” Rock Sound

“the perfect album to greet chilly winter mornings or miserable wet evenings, acting like the musical equivalent of a comforting mug of Horlicks” Already Heard

“there is no denying the versatile song writing talents of Thomas George” This Is Not A Scene

“one hell of a folk-rock ride.” Hit The Floor

“an excellent record full of genuinely gorgeous melody” Hold Up Now

The Lion And The Wolf, aka Tom George, is proud to announce his second release, a special 7inch vinyl, ‘My Fathers Eyes’.
The second single ‘Bar Stools’, taken from the new 7inch refers to a drunken walk home.
“The song is about a time I made a stupid decision and kicked down a fence in reaction to somebody telling me something that I definitely didn’t want to hear. It was after a drunken walk home and I will never, ever forget that evening” comments Tom. “I genuinely felt like my stomach had been ripped out. I guess it scared me to learn that I could react in such a way as I’m generally the most down to earth person in the world.”

“‘Bar Stools’ was tracked live in the same studio where we recorded ‘Symptoms’ and this is definitely my favourite song that we have recorded yet” says Thomas George. “I guess it’s a real community song in the fact that everybody who played on the song / sang on it / helped out are all from the Isle of Wight. I’ve also fallen in love with the trumpet solo, it sounds like a Hovis advert!”

Pre-Order ‘My Father’s Eyes’ on 7inch Vinyl Here

‘My Father’s Eyes’ is exclusively released on 7” ‘storm grey’, hand numbered vinyl and limited to just 250 copies. Each record comes with a personalised thank you note and access to four exclusive bonus recordings.
The B-side is ‘Bar Stools’, another new track which highlights The Lion and the Wolf’s new approach of recording full band.
Both songs were tracked live at Auckland House (the same studio where ‘Symptoms’ was brought to life) and, as always, minimal digital plug-ins were used.

Thomas has been touring relentlessly since quitting his job in January 2014, and his addictive live set of dejected yet hopeful songs coupled with truthful and earnest vocals have seen him perform all over Europe, from the top to the bottom of the UK, not to mention UK and EU tour support for the likes of Rob Lynch, Our Time Down Here, Signals Midwest and Owls By Nature as well as appearances at Slam Dunk, Hevy and Isle of Wight Festival.

Staying true to the DIY ethic, this extensive touring has all been orchestrated off his own back – something The Lion & The Wolf ’s fans highly respect. Thomas hit the studio throughout the summer of 2014, on the south coast of England, recording The Lion & The Wolf ’s debut full length, ‘Symptoms’. The original bedroom recordings of lo-fi folk songs have been brought to life with full instrumentation and warm analogue sounds. Thomas’ very particular approach to the production of the record meant that the album was recorded with minimal digital plug-ins, serving to create a raw, natural sound and ultimately a more powerful impact, whilst in some ways staying true to the lo-fi sound that shaped previous releases.

Above all, The Lion & The Wolf is known for his solo live shows, which captivates audiences wherever he goes. His dynamic vocal and finger-picking guitar style, together with a tendency to step away from the mic and play directly in the crowd creates a unique, special and emotive experience for audiences.

2014 was an incredibly successful year for The Lion & The Wolf. In March he played main support to Rob Lynch on a three week EU tour. Following this he returned to Europe multiple times as well as having played over one hundred and thirty shows collectively. The rest of the year saw The Lion & The Wolf strengthen his already impressive show count, with UK and EU tours right through until the end of December.

2015 started in the same vein as the previous year with the combination of tours, festivals and a new recording in the works. Having returned to Europe multiple times already this year, The Lion And The Wolf has now joined forces with Grand Hotel Van Cleef to bring his first full band tour to the masses this October (Germany). In the build up to this, Thomas undertook a five week European tour covering the UK, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, which set him in great stead for the rest of the year. To add to this impressive work ethic, Thomas played a wide selection of festival dates this summer, including 2,000 Trees, Hevy, Isle of Wight, Summerblast (DE) and Blissfields, as well as an appearance scheduled at Fest (USA) in October.

The Lion And The Wolf is Thomas George

He was joined on the new tracks by:

Guitar – Charlie Harris
Bass – Robert Potter
Piano / Keys – James Thorpe
Drums – Robert Berry
Violins – Ellie Burke
Saxaphone – Ollie Morris
Trumpet – Bob
Backing Vocals – Jessica Eagle, Matt Hitt, Laura Reid, James Thorpe, Robert Potter, Dan Trevena and Caty Macauly

Tour Dates:

Full Band Tour:
09.10. Köln, Tsunami
10.10. Osnabrück, Kleine Freiheit*
11.10. Berlin, Monarch
12.10. Hannover, Faust
13.10. Hamburg, Prinzenbar
14.10. Kiel, Schaubude
15.10. Oberhausen, Druckluft
16.10. München, Feierwerk*
17.10. Freiburg, Swamp


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