Six Organs Of Admittance announces acoustic second chapter, Hexadic II, out via Drag City November 20th

September 16, 2015
Elisa Ambrogio

Elisa Ambrogio


  Sounding forth from a resonating body, the music of Six Organs of Admittance seems to reach us from an ancient remove. Ben Chasny‘s 6OOA vehicle is a wide-ranging craft, spanning over a dozen albums whose gaze is always shifting, but whose focus never wavers. With Hexadic II, Ben Chasny’s unique touch on acoustic guitar is brought back to our ears after what feels like a kind of forever. What may identify to some ears as folk music is caught in an equally compelling undertow of powerful subterranean energy.
 Hexadic II is ultimately what the listener hears it to be – a darkly spiritual listen, filtered through their ears and their perceptions and choices. As ever, Chasny has a head-full of ideas that are driving him; Hexadic II simultaneously explores the same charts and paths that gave birth to its predecessor, while creating music of a totally different order. The Hexadic II songs have direct correlation to the Hexadic songs, yet are much more than mere acoustic versions. “Exultation Wave”, for example, simmers with an undercurrent of ethereal transcendence, the strings bending under the virtue of Ben’s voice. Think of them as distant cousins to the songs on Hexadic, obsessed with greek choir, the desert, and the sea.
  Simultaneously more inviting and challenging than HexadicHexadic II is a powerful musical journey into the enigma of interpretation and inspiration; begin the journey on November 20th.
“Chasny has built a stunning career out of never repeating himself album-to-album; now, relying on the Hexadic System’s random tone generator, he’s made a single record in which he never repeats himself at all.” – QUIETUS
“‘Maximum Hexadic’ is ludicrously exhilarating, with Chasny sounding vocal phonetics over hurricanes of clashing barbed wire tone and a structure predicated on velocity alone…Hexadic blurs the lines between melodic theory and personal spiritual working, presenting an alchemy of number as a system of creative liberation.” – WIRE
“Sounds like a youthful Butthole Surfers trying to do a live cover version of Miles Davies’ Dark Magus at gunpoint during an earthquake.” – VICE
“Nothing here is ever structurally predictable, nor is it all cacophonous, as the spacious, imploding spaghetti western twangs of “Hesitant Grand Light”, or the sozzled Tom Verlaine noodling down a well stylings of “Future Verbs”, persuasively attest.” – MOJO
“A beautiful mess of noise and riffs and a feeling of reckless spontaneity make the album a refreshingly raw listening experience.” – SOUNDBLAB
“Albums such as this one will often be defined as ‘difficult,’ and the love of its content will derive more from muso appreciation than genuine affection. Six Organs of Admittance have sidestepped this by crafting a piece of work that defies categorisation: it feels mathematically precise, painstakingly composed, entirely freeform and joyfully performed. Sometimes all at once. On top of this, it’s aggressive, gentle, patient, cluttered and sparse.” – DROWNED IN SOUND
“Hexadic is one of the most brutally uncompromising records this side of Tim Buckley’s Starsailor…while an exceptionally challenging album, its internal coherence is apparent and it is a great achievement indeed” – SHINDIG
You can purchase the Hexadic bundle (including cards, instruction book and the first record) via Drag City, and place orders for Hexadic II.

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