Indian Handcrafts premiere new track from forthcoming album Creeps

September 13, 2015

indian handcrafts

Indian Handcrafts premiere new track from forthcoming album Creeps

“Sits right in the pocket of great melody and ripping guitar thunder, and feels perfect for your next beer-drinking, whiskey-swilling mixtape.” — Noisey

Canadian duo Indian Handcrafts premiere a new track from their forthcoming albumCreeps via Stereogum.

Stereogum said of ‘The Divider’, “The track starts with a pummeling Homme-ian riff and a melody lifted straight from Iron Maiden’s classic ‘The Trooper’, but its super-catchy chorus elevates it someplace else entirely … and then, when it shifts to an expansive psych/space-rock section, it just about abandons the template altogether.

Noisey recently premiered the first single from the album, “It’s Late Queeny” HERE.

“The last one was our 70s album, this is our 80s album,” jokes Indian Handcrafts drummer/vocalist Brandyn James Aikins. Although it’s an offhand generalization, there’s a good deal of accuracy to the jest. Whereas the Canadian duo’s 2012 Sargent House debutCivil Disobedience for Losers was full of 70s style heavy groove within its drop-tuned riff-rollicking, Creeps has more sheen and steel. Or, while the previous album was more of a shag carpet lined party van, Creeps is a souped-up time-traveling Delorean.
The songs for Creeps came about quickly after the band had spent considerable time on tour. “On tour you’re listening to everything all the time, going from Celtic Frost to Faster Pussycat,” says guitarist/vocalist Daniel Brandon Allen. “It tends to work its way into the writing.” The effects of that mindset opened them up to the musical twists and turns of the new album.

It’s anthemic at times,” Allen says. “Hopefully listener friendly. It’s kind of a mixed bag.”

For Creeps the band once again teamed up with previous album engineer Toshi Kasai(Melvins, Tool), surreptitiously sneaking away from their Barrie, Ontario home for 10 days’ recording at Kasai’s new Sun Valley, CA studio Sound of Sirens. There the pair focused intently on distilling their ideas down to a 9-song, 44-minute can of whip ass labelled simply, Creeps.

Creeps will be available everywhere on LP, CD and download on October 2nd, 2015 viaSargent House.


01. Down At The Docks
02. It’s Late Queeny
03. Murderers For Hire
04. Brothers Underground
05. Maelstrom
06. Snake Mountain
07. The Divider
08. Degenerate Case
09. Rat Faced Snorter


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