DOE PAORO UNVEILS RAC REMIX OF “NOSTALGIA”, new album “AFTER” out Sept 25 on Anti-‏

September 14, 2015




New album “After ”

released September 25 via Anti-

Doe Paoro’s recent single “Nostalgia,” co-written with Peter Morén of Peter Bjorn & John, delivers a propulsive beat-centric rumination on the idea of memory. The site The Line of Best Fit recently compared the track to Kurt Vonnegut’s time merging masterwork Slaughterhouse-Five.

The track has now gotten an imaginative reinterpretation by renowned remix collective RAC. Brainchild of producer-musician André Allen Anjos, RAC – short of Remix Artist Collective – have previously worked with such luminaries as Phoenix, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Death Cab for Cutie, and Tokyo Police Club.

RAC commented, “I really enjoyed working on this song. The production on the original was so beautiful and sparse so I wanted to counter that with something a little more upbeat. Normally I’d do the opposite, but it just made sense. I tried approaching it from a sampling perspective but using my own samples and chopping them up.”

The RAC remix of “Nostalgia” exquisitely preserves Paoro’s haunting lyrical hook while imbuing the track with an intoxicating dance friendly beat and elements of classic seventies disco. You can hear the RAC remix of Doe Paoro’s “Nostalgia” here: 

Paoro will release her Anti- debut album, After, on September 25.  For the record she worked with producers Sean Carey (drummer / supporting vocalist for Bon Iver) and BJ Burton (The Tallest Man on Earth, Sylvan Esso, and others) to further deepen her musical repertoire, creating a mesmerizing hybrid of R&B, synthpop, and indie-leaning electro rooted in an earthy minimalism, drawing from influences ranging from Carole King to Portishead, Aretha Franklin and beyond.

Vast yet intimate, hypnotic yet electrifying, After plays with time, space, and mood to provide an ever-changing backdrop for Paoro’s exploration of the album’s often painful subject matter. “Many of the songs come from a feeling of loss, and the period of reflection that unfolds after you’ve realize something’s ended,” says Paoro, who co-wrote After with a number of songwriters that included—Peter Morén (Peter Bjorn and John), Max Hershenow (MS MR), and Adam Rhodes. “There’s a lot of reckoning with regret, but at the same time, there’s a feeling of surrender.”

Listen to “The Wind” here:

Listen to “Growth/Decay” here:

Pre-order After here:

For more information:

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