DEARIST Reveal Video For New Track ‘Fix’

September 14, 2015


DEARIST Reveal Video For New Track ‘Fix’ With TeamRock

Debut Album ‘This House Has No Windows’ Released 23rd October
via Close To Home Records

Wolverhampton based quartet DEARIST are pleased to reveal the video for their new single ‘Fix’, the second track to be taken from debut album ‘This House Has No Windows’ which is released on 23rd October 2015 via Southend-on-Sea independent label Close To Home Records (Faux, Sneeze, Tilde, Of Us Giants, Walleater, Great Sale Day).

“’Fix’ was one of the last tracks we wrote for the album” explains front man Adam Binder “It was one of those songs that all flows out in the first sitting. For the album I would pretty much have the whole rhythm guitar and little vocal bits written for a song before I showed the band, but that could sometimes take a week or so of fiddling with a song until I was happy but this was ready to show the guys within an hour or so. The guys would then come along and put their parts on top and make structural changes here and there. That process was pretty quick as well. I’m not even sure Tucker had heard the song for more than ten minutes and we started tracking his parts on top. Those are the best kind of songs, well…the most satisfying to write anyways.”

Of shooting the video, he continues; “I know a guy from work who makes short films – he’d never done a music video before so I cheekily asked him if he’d give it a go for us. He came through good! We actually took over my house for the day to film it and used a different room for each band member, put some paper on the windows, trashed up the rooms a bit. I had to give the man next door a bottle of wine to say sorry for the noise though.”

The album is available to pre-order on 12” vinyl now HERE. The 12″ will be limited and numbered out of 100 on 180 gram heavyweight black vinyl. The digital download of the album will be pay-what-you-want from the Close To Home Records bandcamp page.

Formed in the sleepy midland city of Wolverhampton, the band started out as a studio side project for Kyoto Drive’s Adam Binder but quickly became his main focus. Completing a live line up in 2014 recruiting fellow Kyoto band mate Mitch Davis and long-time friends Chris Tucker and Mike Ingram, they began bulking out some of the existing song ideas Binder had laid down to create their debut 7″ single ‘Get What You Want’ released last year.

‘This House Has No Windows’ is released on 23rd October via Close To Home Records


Dearist are:

Adam Binder – bass + vocals
Michael Ingram – guitar
Lee Jarratt – guitar
Chris Tucker – guitar + vocals
Mitch Davis – drums


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