Christopher Bissonnette to release new album Pitch, Paper & Foil on 6th November via kranky; Artwork and tracklisting revealed‏

September 11, 2015


  Kranky are pleased to announce the upcoming Christopher Bissonnette album, Pitch, Paper & Foil, to be released on the 6th November.  Continuing the explorations of the analog synthesizer first revealed on his last album, Bissonnette’s deft touch in recording and mixing is a joy to experience. While most contemporary analog synth slingers find themselves unable to not overload the sound-field with the endless array of possibilities the instrument provides, Bissonnette provides a master class in economy and control.

Bissonnette has this to say on the album: This new series of works reflects an evolution of my adeptness with modular synthesis. As with my previous release Essays in Idleness, Pitch, Paper & Foil was constructed from a range of synthesis and compositional techniques. The goal with this album was to form a collection that exhibits more restraint than previous works. Modular synthesis can be an unruly medium and taming it in order to produce delicate or subtle tones can be challenging. As with Essays…I have allowed the artifacts of the process to find their way into the finished product. Tape noise, distortion and by-products of the random sequencing method all contribute to the character of the final recordings.
Track listing: 
1. Epoch
 2. Diminution
3. Keeping Guard
4. Shuttering Slides
5. Surcease
6. Textbooks of the Elites
7. The Rate of Delay
8. Dualism
  Christopher Bissonnette is a Canadian musician/sound artist/designer living and working in Detroit and Windsor. He has released three full-length albums for Kranky and a collaborative recording with David Wenngren (Library Tapes) on Home Normal. Since his first full album release, Periphery, ten years ago, Bissonnette has been expanding his aural vocabulary and production techniques incorporating elements of concrete, field recording and modular synthesis.
Quotes for Essays In Idleness:
It’s somewhere between a ritual and a gallery showing, if not both.” – The Quietus
This is a record that oddly demands your attention, only to demand that you relax once you have given it.” – Future Sequence
The music is experimental, with the focus on chance, risk and error creating a beautifully natural, organic sound. Itʼs a stunning album, its snaking lines of synth radiating with inner warmth, its prism reflecting a thousand sharp colours.” – Fluid Radio

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