Bitchin Bajas to embark on first UK tour this October; collaborative LP with Natural Information Society out now‏

September 29, 2015
Jeremiah Chiu

Jeremiah Chiu


  Following the 2014 release of their self-titled LP for Drag City, and more recently the vivid, spiritual synth-built drone of their collaboration LP Automaginary with Natural Information Society (Joshua Abrams), Bitchin Bajas will be flying over to tour Europe in October and November. You can find all the tour dates below, as well as a second audio peek in to Automaginary, streaming via NPR now.
14/10 – San Sebastian, SP @ Dabadaba
15/10 – Bordeaux, FR @ Permanent Vacation
16/10 – Rennes, FR @ Le Marquis de Sade
17/10 – Brest, FR @ Atlantique Jazz Festival
20/10 – Paris, FR @ Espace B
21/10 – Hastings, UK @ The Beacon
22/10 – Brighton, UK @ Brighton Electric
23/10 – Leeds, UK @ Wharf Chambers
24/10 – Glasgow, UK @ Flying Duck
26/10 – London, UK @ Cafe Oto
27/10 – Ghent, BE @ Gouvernement
28/10 – Antwerp, BE @ Het Bos
29/10 – Cologne, DE @ Gold + Baton
30/10 – Saarbruken, DE @ Fasenarie
31/10 – Strasbourg, FR @ Diamant D’or
2/11 – Dijon, FR @ La Bécane à Jules
3/11 – Lyon, FR @ Grrrnd Zero
4/11 – Mirabel et Blacon, FR @ Temple
5/11 – Marseille, FR @ Les Demoiselles du Cinq
6/11 – Avignon, FR @ L’Ajmi
8/11 – Vitoria-Gasteiz, SP @ Sala Baratza
9/11 – Oveido, SP @ Lata de Zinc
10/11 – A Coruna, SP @ The Black Wood
12/11 – Porto, PT @ Circulo Catolico e Operario do Porto
13/11 – Lisbon, PT @ ZdB
  Bitchin Bajas have been around the world in six years; chasing sonics through space and time and drawing a lot of conclusions along their discographical path. Always, they push forward, recklessly consuming processes in order to realise their own works—but the sound and the music regularly emerges with tranquil essence, bringing them and their listeners into a shared experience. Bitchin Bajas’ output has been remarkably diverse in search of this singular goal, which makes for great listening across multiple releases, mapping and traversing their own ecosystem as they journey through scales and syntax in search of the aural epiphany, the true unknowing.
  Their most recent, Automaginary, is a collaboration of mythical proportions. The exploratory sonics of these two groups emerge from different, yet occasionally parallel paths to meld into a psychedelic, ambient and jazz-fried coalescence – yet their sum is equal to none of these things in particular, either, arriving on an astral plane unique and of its own. Automaginary consumes both minimalist and maximalist processes in order to reside in this space, and the two bands’ combined energy regularly emits a tranquil essence, providing a pure, untainted listening experience. Album highlight ‘Sign Spinners’ develops from an almost motorik heart-beat, with Joshua Abram’s low-end setting the tone. ‘Sign Spinners’ then moves airily along with chiming guitar, organ and bass clarinet shifting in and out, surrounding drums that propel the rhythms forward and then apart with sly, quicksilver hands. You can listen to this track at the link below.

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