Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser Share “Record Store Babe” on IMPOSE’s “Week in Pop”

September 23, 2015
Andrew Gibson

Andrew Gibson

Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser Share “Record Store Babe” Video via IMPOSE Magazine

New Album “Venus in Pisces” Due Out October 30th on BUFU Records

October Tour Dates Announced


Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser are excited to premiere their latest single and music video for the heartwarming and innocently fun (and gender neutral) “Record Store Babe”. The song comes from the Miami-via-Boston collective’s second album this year, Venus in Pisces, due out on October 30th via Katzman’s own BUFU Records. While the band’s line-up contains a revolving cast of musicians, the garage punk meets glam thrash band’s ethos remains the same. “Chillin’ mad hard” isn’t just a catchphrase, but a way of life. These are punks having fun, spreading the gospel of Kiss and The Ramones to a new era. “Record Store Babe” finds the band taking over Radio-Active Records, shredding their way into your hearts and asking the age ol question “Do you like Kiss? Madonna too? Do you buy your records at Feeding Tube?”

IMPOSE share their thoughts about the band, “Ben and the band here continue the cult and culture of overtly self-aware rock antics that act completely un-self-conscious, all the while invoking your favorite shredders while having a laugh at the album rock canon as well.”

Discussing the song with Impose, Katzman shared, “We were on tour with Colleen Green and the Jellyfish Brothers and we did an in-store at this place called Radio-Active Records in Ft. Lauderdale. We met this cool Libra there who was into mostly sick bands. I don’t remember if she liked Mumford and Sons or not but the song isn’t directly about her. It’s kind of about how when you are on the road you hope to meet a babe (gender neutral term) that you can chill hard with, and maybe they like the same things as you such as listening to KISS, or cropping t-shirts, or reading about The Ramones. It’s those little things that keep you together when you are on the road and in your world all day.”

The band are wrapping up their September “All Out of Bubblegum” Tour with Tall Juan this week and have announced new tour dates for October.


The undeniably fun Miami-via-Boston “basement glam” rockers Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser have been making a name for themselves in the garage rock community over the past couple years, bouncing between Florida and Massachusetts (and soon to be home of New York), bringing their signature “chillin’ hard” attitude with them everywhere they go. If there’s one thing to be said about Katzman’s DeGreaser, these guys are having a great time. There’s the unabashed Kiss, Van Halen and Judas Priest worship, the never ending quest for the ultimate shred, a deep love for astrology, and a good deal of homage to Grease and the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle of the past. It’s all very tongue-in-cheek, but in the case of Katzman’s DeGreaser, it’s also quite genuine and sincere. The band’s entire aesthetic is based on being who they are, as Katzman puts it, “dorks that are obsessed with KISS and the Ramones”

Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser is getting ready to release their latest album, Venus in Pisces on October 30th via BUFU Records, their second album this year! The album’s first single, “You Shred (But You’re Really Just Playing Me) Baby” (which features guest shredding from Guerilla Toss’ Arian Shafiee) sets the tone for the album, described by Katzman as the transitional tale of “Sad Boy to Bad Boy” as only he can tell it. This is the anthem.

As for the album’s name Venus In Pisces, Katzman describes it as “in astrology terms ‘Venus’ is the planet that rules your love life, and ‘Pisces’ is like the ultimate ‘Sad Boy’ sign. The ethos of this record is like Van Halen meets Pinkerton. A breakup record about going from ‘Sad Boy to Bad Boy’ perse.” The band have created a unique and vibrant spin on 70’s glam, proto-metal riffs, garage punk, and indie rock, diving headfirst into the type of worship that Weezer first explored on “In The Garage”. The band have played shows with La Luz, Downtown Boys, Tall Juan, Mannequin Pussy, Guerilla Toss, Unstoppable Death Machines and more since their inception early in 2014.

Katzman’s DeGreaser previously released an homage to the Ramones titled Rok N Rol Community College earlier this year, a co-release between the band’s own BUFU Records and Gnar Tapes from LA.

Tour Dates:

09/22 – Cincinnati, OH @ Tacocracy
09/23 – Chicago, IL @ Wally’s World
09/24 – Detroit, MI @ Elijah’s
09/25 – Philadelphia, PA @ Girard Hall
09/26 – Worcester, MA @ Clark University
10/20 – Harrisonburg, VA – Crayola House
10/21 – Nashville, TN – Drkmttr
10/22 – Huntsville, AL
10/24 – New Orleans, LA – Community Records Block Party
10/25 – Tallahassee, FL
10/26 – Birmingham, AL
10/27 – Atlanta, GA – Parts Unknown
10/29 – Greensboro, NC
10/30 – Asheville, NC – Shithaus
10/31 – Richmond, VA – Citrus City

Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser
Venus In Pisces (October 30th, 2015)
BUFU Records

Track List:

1. Venus in Pisces
2. Real Life is so High School
3. You Shred (But Really You’re Just Playing Me) Baby [stream/embed]
4. Kool is the Rool
5. Record Store Babe [stream/embed]
6. Hopelessly Devoted 2 Who
7. The Lesson Learned
8. Heartbreak Relapse
9. Sad Boi 2 Bad Boi
10. Home Alone III

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