Telekinesis shares new track from forthcoming album on Merge‏

August 27, 2015


Telekinesis shares “Sleep In”
and the inspiration behind Ad Infinitum
out 18th September on Merge Records


Telekinesis shares his latest track “Sleep In” from forthcoming album, Ad Infinitum on NPR’s All Songs Considered podcast . Host, Robin Hilton declared the track “fundamental and impossibly catchy.”

In addition, Telekinesis mastermind Michael Benjamin Lerner has shared a Medium piece he wrote about building, dismantling, and re-building his home studio throughout the process of recording Ad Infinitum. The essay features lovely photos and introspective text that illuminates a look backward at Lerner’s previous albums and the direction ahead for the ever-evolving project that is Telekinesis.
While many artists have made fruitful use of vintage sounds and production techniques in recent years, Ad Infinitum is a different animal.  It feels less like a time capsule and more like a time machine.  In the movie version of the story, Lerner would stumble on his way down the stairs, hit his head, and wake up in 1983, and the only way he could get back to the present day would be to make a record using available instruments. Then he’d wake in 2015 to discover he’d been in his basement studio all along.  And the record he’d made in that strange dream state would turn out to be Ad Infinitum, the most ambitious and assured Telekinesis release to date.

Ad Infinitum is available for pre-order now on CD and limited-edition snow-white vinyl in the Merge store, and digitally via iTunes.  All LP purchases will include three bonus tracks as a download.

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