Sofia B announces ‘In The City’ EP!

August 5, 2015



Sofia B announces ‘In The City’ EP!

For fans of: Tegan & Sara, Kathleen Adams, Sara Watkins
Heartbreak and music will forever be intertwined. The temptation to dwell on the past can be irresistible, but there is a surefire way to overcome it. Sofia B did so by throwing herself into her latest EP, In The City, six musical snapshots of her life spanning twelve months and two continents.

To commemorate the release of In the City on 18th September, Sofia B is giving away free track, ‘King’, a Years & Years cover produced by Kandylion. A departure from her usual mellow acoustic sound, the chilled out dance track premiered on Clash Magazine‘s website which you can stream for free via Sofia’s SoundCloud page.

The video for her previous single, Ice Cold Love, premiered on Gigslutz who described it as “a charming, catchy offering that will lodge itself in your ears for days after listening.” Watch the video now on Sofia’s YouTube channeland stream the single via the ABoF SoundCloud page.

Sofia sees herself first and foremost as a storyteller, using life as her inspiration and a flair for narrative that’s seen her compared to the likes of Kathleen Adams and Tegan & Sara. The first single off the EP, Ice Cold Love, spins a personal tale charting a caustic relationship, but from a place of empowerment, while second single Soldiers was inspired by the internal battles all of us have to face in our lives, acting as a reminder that you are not alone, whatever your fight. These themes run throughout the EP, with tracks like ‘Hurricane’, ‘Let It Go’ and ‘Give My Body’ illuminating slices of of Sofia’s life with stripped back pop arrangements built on folk foundations.

In The City was born one winter in New York City, following an intense break up, songwriting serving as Sofia’s only catharsis. When spring arrived, she realised that her escape from heartbreak to the warm embrace of music had, quite by accident, resulted in her next EP. She boarded the next plane to Beirut to begin recording. Sofia cannot speak Arabic but, proud of her Lebanese roots on her Father’s side, feels a deep connection to Middle Eastern Music. Isolated from her troubles back home, Sofia threw herself into the recording process. Given Beirut’s turbulent and conflicted past, Sofia feels a special sense of peace and accomplishment having made something so beautiful out of such an intense and emotional situation.

In The City is released via Montiel Records on 18th September 2015. Ice Cold Love, a single taken from the EP, is out now and available to buy digitally on iTunes.


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