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RATATAT- Magnifique Album Review | Simon Gore

August 6, 2015


RATATAT  ‘MAGNIFIQUE’ out now on Because Music

Words: Simon Gore

Ratatat are a band quite like no other. Since their 2004, self-titled debut, their music has been frequented by extreme sports film makers, it has made appearances in Hollywood blockbusters and appealed to the ears of a world wide audience. The duo consisting of Mike Stroud and Evan Mast have a cross-scene gratitude from instrumental rock fans to hip-hop fans and everyone in between. They seem to be the Mötorhead of today.

Throughout their previous, 4 full-length album career with an extra 2 self-released remix albums, Ratatat have attained a comprehensively unique sound. A sound that is not easily related to any other artist – they simply sound like Ratatat, a gallant move that is rarely equalled in 21st century musical consumerism.

With an impressive track record of considerable quality, expectancy for a 5th studio release is inevitably high, but in true Ratatat fashion, the duo decline disappointment.

The aptly titled opening track, Intro, was used on a pre-release, witty promo video for the album which paths a welcoming induction to the record. Ratatat have clearly made no panic attempt at selling out and cashing in; their timeless, signature sound retains for the duration. The following track, Chrome-On-Chrome is an adequate reflection of this yet it embodies fresh compositional techniques which have not been employed in their previous works.

11th track, Rome is quite simply one of their finest compositions to date, a guitar heavy, progressively layered masterpiece, using the subtle beauty of additional repetition to its absolute advantage. Arguably their best riff since 17 Years.

Although Magnifique stays true to Ratatat’s character it bares enough innovative diversity to sound individual in comparison to their earlier material. Despite not quite matching the infectious aggression of Classics or the ruthless hook repertoire of LP4, the album certainly justifies its grand moniker with title track, Magnifique being the least Ratatat sounding of the record. This is a revised, professionalised array of contemporary Ratatat material – a two-man exclusive.



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