Miserable (Kristina Esfandiari of King Woman/Whirr) Premieres New Video On Noisey‏

August 26, 2015

Miserable (Kristina Esfandiari of King Woman/Whirr) Premieres New Video On Noisey‏



Miserable (Kristina Esfandiari of King Woman and formerly Whirr) is premiering a new video (“Orchid”) today on Noisey.

The track originally appeared on 2014’s, ‘Halloween Dream’ EP, which will get the Deluxe Edition treatment on September 4th via The Native Sound. Along with the original four songs, the Deluxe Edition of ‘Halloween Dream’ includes demo versions of each song, recorded at home during the writing process, as well as “Palmistry Notes” – an unreleased song written during the ‘Halloween Dream’ sessions. All nine songs that make up the Deluxe Edition will be made available digitally.

A cassette tape titled ‘Halloween Dream (Demos)’ will also be released on September 4th – it includes the four demos and “Palmistry Notes”. Lastly, the original 7” for Halloween Dream is finally being repressed and will also be released early September.

Pre-orders are now available here.

miserable deluxe

Praise for Miserable:

“Like a Rorschach test, Miserable’s minimal yet epic approach to music will intensify your inner psyche. If you’re feeling good about life right now, you’ll probably feel uplifted and empowered by her crescendoing slow drumming that seems to build forever. But if you’re in a dark place at the moment, you’ll likely be floored by the sadness behind her shoegazey, melancholic singing.”- Noisey

“…a crashing epic that exposes the beauty in widescreen destruction. “- Spin

“Halloween Dream is ( Miserable’s) most substantial offering yet, and it’s the most immersive and rewarding….an arresting thousand-yard stare of dreary atmosphere that basically sounds like a full band at work; it puts her in good company with fellow droning genre-mashers like Chelsea Wolfe and True Widow. Every track’s got something special about it…It’s concise, diverse, and rather alluring, and sets the bar high for whatever she might roll out next.” (4/5 stars)- Alternative Press

“Kristina Esfandiari has impressed us with her powerful, ethereal voice and haunting melodies.”- Filter

“…big metallic shoegaze and ending with the reverbed screams that helped make Deafheaven such a memorable name in heavy music this past year. …”- Brooklynvegan

“Kristina Esfandiari used to sing for Bay Area shoegaze greats Whirr, but she separated from that band to forge her own path as Miserable. “Bell Jar,” a preview from Miserable’s Halloween Dream 7-inch, is far more harrowing than anything Whirr kicked out. It starts out a bit like Deftones at their most lugubrious, all celestial moans and molasses strums, but it steadily builds into to a frightening beast of a song with tumultuous low end that will make you wonder if the earth has opened up beneath you and you’re falling into hell. You’ll seriously be shocked that Esfandiari covers that much sonic territory in just 2:14.”- Stereogum

“…absolutely transportive.”- Nylon Guys

“…an arresting collection of four songs …a cyclonic version of her former role in Whirr — albeit markedly more volatile and ravaged by static. The 15 minutes that comprise Halloween Dream are some of the most harrowing reflections of romance in this short year thus far, but the pedestal Esfandiari provides Miserable with is filled with enough decibel devastation and intense ethereal wonderment that signals a beautiful start to a different kind of rapture.”- Recommended Listen

“The funereal sway song lunges forward into the big abyss of drums and Deafheaven approved chaotic histrionics.”- Impose Magazine

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