Kapil Seshasayee ‘Crimes’ EP out now!

August 10, 2015



“…ominous…”– Punktastic

For fans of: Fuck Buttons, Scott Walker, Big Black, Bitch Magnet
Kapil Seshasayee has re-released his EP Crimes. The EP, complete with updated artwork, is now available to buy digitally on Kapil’s own Bandcamp page.

Occupying a space somewhere between the avant-garde and progressive alternative rock, Kapil is carving a name for himself in the air around him, emitting sound waves that dominate the low end and pierce the high. He is one man, surrounding himself in a cocoon of noise that’s both exhilarating to hear and fascinating to watch.

To celebrate the re-release, EP track ‘Whatever Was Arranged’ has been made available to download for free via the ABoF SoundCloud page where you can experience Kapil’s intense industrial rhythms and distinctive vocals for yourself.

You can also download the explosive EP opening track ‘Host’ for free via the ABoF SoundCloud page.

Crimes is a record which tackles a number of social issues, pondering the nature of religion and asking us if we are following a tradition for ethical reasons or because we’re so desperate for a place in paradise that we’re willing to get there by any means possible. It’s a weighty theme made even heavier by Kapil’s growling, distorted guitar backed up by intense drum loops and improvised percussion, which brings to mind the later work of Scott Walker as well as the distinctive sound of bands such as Big Black, Fuck Buttons and Bitch Magnet. It’s an intense experience that is not to be taken lightly, but will enlighten those who decide to venture into the sonic wilderness.

The record has picked up support from the likes of Punktastic, State Magazine and Soundblab and is a precursor to a brand new forthcoming single, where Kapil channels the style of influential bands Polvo and U.S Maple, which is due for release in October.

Crimes is out now via An Automaton Records and available to buy digitally on Bandcamp.

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