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Introducing Stevenson- ‘Later’ Video Exclusive

August 24, 2015


Here at Circuit Sweet we love providing our readers with the best of emerging talent, be it local, national or international. We have the honour in introducing you to the sounds of Stevenson and we are thrilled to premiere their new music video for track ‘Later’ taken from their EP ‘Goth Baby’ which was released earlier in the year via Stack Your Roster.

This inventive duo consists of Vincent Ford – Guitar, Vox, Synths, Bass and
Fred Letourneux-Gagnon– Drums, Percussion, Synths, Vibes, Programming. It’s hard to imagine Stevenson is the work of just two individuals but together they create the power of a band double in size.

Stevenson claims to play catchy-yet-weird pop music. “We know what we want as musicians, we’ve been playing for quite a while now but we’re also not taking ourselves too seriously because our goal in music is to have fun and not limit ourselves.” The music resounds the aesthetics of downer pop while avoiding the structural tropes of the genre: “I like to be free with my writing and I sometimes refer to a usual song structure, but sometimes it just won’t work with the lyrics or the dynamics that I had in mind and so it turns out different,” says Vince, who is also known for his work as the singer and guitarist for Nanimal, Gulfer, and Golden Python, the latter two being known for their technical proclivities.

The duo’s first EP, Big Socks, according to Vince, aimed to be amusing and simple, not trying to be any more than a reflection of the life and world around him. Having known each other since high school, Vince and Fred’s musical relationship is kept as simple as the content: songs are demoed in Garage Band and then brought to the studio for refinement. The result is a lush and relaxed indie soundscape about stealing skateboards, fucking up with family, and jocks.

The duo’s sophomore EP release, Goth Baby, captures a more intrusive angular essence. The pair have mastered the ability to create innovative tracks which boldly blend infectious synths and riffs and a swell of humid high octane atmospherics.  The humble yet deletable lyrics leave you lingering on every note alongside the clever lyricism that instantly sticks.

We are delighted to reveal Stevenson‘s new video for “Later” which is taken from the ‘Goth Baby‘ EP.  The track itself is a more laid back affair taken from the fast paced fuzzy release but don’t let that fool you, it’s still a forcible composition.

Stevenson have the captured the right balance between garage rock, lo-fi pop, distorted raucous noise, the experimental duo have made their own sound accessible and attentive.


Stack Your Roster is a label we urge you to support. The Montreal-based record label specialise in experimental forms across the spectrum, from math rock to electronica to punk.

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