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Introducing NOVAH and stunning new single ‘Robot’‏

August 10, 2015


Introducing NOVAH and stunning new single ‘Robot”

Robot was one of those songs that practically wrote itself. All the lyrics and melodies were completed in about an hour and a few days later it was recorded, produced and mixed. Everything was done in a tacky home studio in Berlin. We sometimes get those chaotic, creative attacks when we shut down everything around us and just work for days. Those moments can be a bit tough but also fantastic.

With songs written over skype and recorded in Berlin, the Stockholm-based Novah has created an international and time-traveling indie sound. Reminiscent of Jeff Buckley in symbiosis with the soundscapes of Sigur Ros, and the future-defying sound patterns of Mikky Ekko.

Raised on the same street, the Stockholm youths David Tranberg and Simon Hagström Rennerstedt rehearsed heartfelt Oasis covers and own melodies in their parents’ garages. In time, their project developed into the complete indie rock act Shouting Terry. The band rose into early stardom with A&R pulls from both sides of the Atlantic. But instead of teen idols they split and sprung into a wider array of projects. It wasn’t until late 2013 they joined forces and created Novah.

Novah consists of Paul Strand on drums, Filip Hagström Rennerstedt on bass, Simon Hagström Rennerstedt on vocals/keyboard/guitar, Oskar Karlström on guitar and David Tranberg on vocals/guitar.

Icons Creating Evil Art

ICEA is a project driven by the passion for music; where new music is to be found and developed. One could call it a greenhouse for growing artists. So far the roster consists of the Italian trio Emmecosta, the Soundcloud pair Flora Cash, Swedish indie pop band Novah, and the folk band Brothers Among Wera.

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