Gothenburg trio Emmecosta unveil ‘Brontos’ video‏

August 10, 2015


Gothenburg trio Emmecosta unveil ‘Brontos’ video

“It’s a soundtrack to that time when it’s too late to go to bed but too early to get back up. Blissed out electronics with a liquid feel” – Clash Mag

“It’s a calm and cool sound with a sense of stillness and some magic Bon Iver-y topline melodies.” – Beat Magazine

Dreamy soundscapes, urban beats and nordic coolness is what you get when you throw Positano, Milan, and Gothenburg into a mix. Throw in Claudio Pallone, Alfonso Fusco, and Aldo Axha and you get Emmecosta; a Gothenburg based post-club trio. Emmecosta is the new soul act of electro-writing. In their own words they describe their music as alternative dream pop that “celebrates intimate landscapes through a melancholic stream that merges with dreamy vocal narratives.” 

“When it comes to songwriting, or sound writing, we start from a small detail; a single piece of a huge puzzle, which is something dear to us. Then we build en epic scenario that evokes the truth of this modest little detail”

Both Claudio and Alfonso are from Positano and grew up playing music together. Aldo on the other hand is from Milan and came to Sweden to study Anthropology of Art. Having moved to Sweden around the same time, and with backgrounds as students they came into contact. Music built up their friendship, and music will build up their careers.

Claudio, Alfonso, and Aldo moved to Sweden because they needed a new backdrop for their music, a place far enough away from home it would allow fresh approaches and ideas. It didn’t take long for Emmecosta to understand that Gothenburg was the place for them. The northern air has impacted their overall sound, creating a somewhat new alphabet. UNTIED their upcoming debut EP has emerged from this new alphabet. 

“For over a century war defences on the Isle of Grain had protected London and the UK. Now reclaimed by nature, they have become part of the vast marshland environment. Industry dominates the landscape with power stations, a container port, and proposals for a huge new airport. We wanted to use this volatile history of disturbance and the relics of battle that are so evident there, as another character stranded in time. A metaphor for protective/defensive mechanisms and the remains of human relationships.” Jermey Carne (Director)

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