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August 12, 2015



Everything But The Girl

‘Walking Wounded’ – Deluxe Edition

2 CDs in casebound book

Edsel Records


Edsel Records present the deluxe, remastered edition of ‘Walking Wounded’ – Everything But The Girl’s critically-acclaimed and hauntingly-beautiful first foray into dance music.

 Following the huge success of Edsel’s 2 CD casebound book editions of the 7 albums that Everything But The Girl recorded for Blanco y Negro and Warners, the set is now completed with their last two albums ‘Walking Wounded’ and ‘Temperamental’, recorded for Virgin.

 Both of these new deluxe reissues have an accompanying casebound book that features candid new sleeve-notes by Ben and Tracey, along with lyrics, memorabilia, previously unseen photos and ephemera from their own collection.

 ‘Walking Wounded’ – the eighth album by Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt AKA Everything But The Girl – was released in 1996 and features the Top 10 singles ‘Walking Wounded’ and ‘Wrong’, plus ‘Single’ and ‘Before Today’.

 Ben Watt has personally selected eleven remixes, including an unreleased Nellee Hooper version of ‘Before Today’. Also featured is non-album single ‘Corcovado’, three previously unreleased live performances from Tokyo and four previously unreleased demos from Ben’s own archive.

“Walking Wounded was almost never made. In early 1995 we decided to decamp to New York and took a sub-let apartment in Tribeca. We were of a mind to make a follow-up to Amplified Heart that expanded on its folk-breakbeat template, and had a plan to work with engineer Brad Wood who had made a mark with post-rock Chicago bands like The Sea and Cake and Tortoise. We wrote some songs, played an impromptu acoustic show at Sin-E in the East Village, ran into Jeff Buckley and were arranging to play with him at Glastonbury that year. But in the background Todd Terry’s remix of Missing had been slowly gathering a head of steam on the world’s underground club scene, and our contributions to Massive Attack’s second album Protection were being praised. When a couple of friends also started telling us about a new electronic scene that was bubbling up in London it felt like a magnet was pulling us in the opposite direction. After a couple of months in New York – where we wrote ‘Mirrorball’ over a shoe shop on Chambers Street – we flew home. Within two weeks Ben had been down to see Fabio and Bukem spin at the Milk Bar, and Goldie’s Metalheadz night at the Blue Note. It became a game-changing moment. We stayed in London and decided to make a different kind of record”

Everything But The Girl on Walking Wounded –  taken from the Deluxe Edition casebound book.

Disc One

‘Walking Wounded’


1. ‘Before Today’

2. ‘Wrong’

3. ‘Single’

4. ‘The Heart Remains A Child’

5. ‘Walking Wounded’

6. ‘Flipside’

7. ‘Big Deal’

8. ‘Mirrorball’

9. ‘Good Cop Bad Cop’

10. ‘Wrong’ (Todd Terry Remix)

11. ‘Walking Wounded’ (Omni Trio Mix)

Bonus Tracks


12. ‘Corcovado’

13. ‘Before Today’ (live in Tokyo, 1997) *

14. ‘Single’ (live in Tokyo, 1997) *

15. ‘Wrong’ (live in Tokyo, 1997) *

Disc Two


Bonus Tracks


1. ‘Mirrorball’ (demo) *

2. ‘Flipside’ (demo) *

3. ‘Above The Law’ (demo) *

4. ‘Speeding Car Side On’ (demo) *




5. ‘Walking Wounded’ (Dave Wallace Remix)

6. ‘Wrong’ (Mood II Swing Dub)

7. ‘Wrong’ (Deep Dish Remix Edit)

8. ‘Single’ (Photek Remix)

9. ‘Single’ (Brad Wood Memphis Remix)

10. ‘Before Today’ (Nellee Hooper unreleased 1996 Remix) *

11. ‘Before Today’ (Adam F Remix)

12. ‘Before Today’ (Chicane Remix)

13. ‘Before Today’ (Dilinja Remix)

14. ‘Mirrorball’ (DJ Jazzy Jeff Sole Full Remix)

15. ‘Corcovado’ (Knee Deep Classic Club Mix – Ben Watt vocal re-edit)

* = previously unreleased

Everything But The Girl

‘Temperamental’ – Deluxe Edition

2 CD casebound book

Edsel Records

Edsel Records present the deluxe, remastered edition of ‘Temperamental’ – a brilliant album by the much-loved, musically-evolving and chart-topping duo Everything But The Girl, AKA married couple Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn.

 Their Ninth album ‘Temperamental’, issued in 1999, was produced by Ben Watt and features the singles ‘The Future Of The Future’, ‘Five Fathoms’ and ‘Temperamental’.

 This deluxe edition features the non-album b-side ‘Firewall’, a previously unreleased album outtake ‘Come In’ and a previously unreleased live performance of ‘Temperamental’, plus ten remixes personally selected by Ben Watt for CD 2.

Following Ben’s stint making experimental folk jazz featuring Robert Wyatt and Tracey Thorn’s time fronting the indie/post punk group Marine Girls, the duo paired-up and formed Everything But The Girl in 1982. Another 9 albums followed that covered a multitude of styles, demonstrating a keen, sponge like appreciation for varied sounds, from folk-jazz, guitar pop, orchestral wall of sound, machine soul pop and – as demonstrated on ‘Walking Wounded’ and ‘Temperamental’ – electronic music.

 In 1994 Tracey collaborated with Massive Attack on ‘Protection’ – a big track from a huge album, which introduced her distinctive voice to a new audience.  Shortly after, EBTG’s  single, ‘Missing’, was remixed by Todd Terry whose ubiquitous floor filler went on to sell over 3 million copies, charting Top 5 in the US and UK.

 All of this paved the way for the critically-acclaimed ‘Walking Wounded’ – a record that consolidated the duo’s immersion into club-based sounds garnered both credible underground respect and huge overground success, with four UK top 40 hits and sales of over a million copies.

 1999’s ‘Temperamental’, with its house, drum & bass and soul-infused trip hop continued in a similar vein. It featured yet another anthem for the band in perpetual classic ‘The Future Of The Future’, which was a collaboration with Deep Dish, formed from an adaptation of the latters ‘Stay Gold’.

“The success of Walking Wounded in 1996 had propelled us quite firmly into the electronic scene and delivered a new expectant audience. In addition, in the spring of 1998 Ben had launched Lazy Dog with Jay Hannan – a day-night deep house DJ party in west London that within eighteen months was to become a cornerstone of London clubland. Tracey’s voice meanwhile was becoming ubiquitous on dancefloors everywhere. It seemed obvious what kind of record Temperamental was going to be – a sequel of sort.”

Everything But The Girl on Temperamental – taken from the Deluxe Edition book.

Disc One




1. ‘Five Fathoms’

2. ‘Low Tide Of The Night’

3. ‘Blame’

4. ‘Hatfield 1980’

5. ‘Temperamental’

6. ‘Compression’

7. ‘Downhill Racer’

8. ‘Lullaby Of Clubland’

9. ‘No Difference’

10. ‘The Future of the Future’

Bonus Tracks


11. ‘Firewall’

12. ‘Come In’ [unfinished album outtake] *

13. ‘Temperamental’ [live at The Forum, London, 1999] *

Disc Two




1. ‘Five Fathoms’ [Club 69 Future Club Mix]

2. ‘Five Fathoms’ [Kevin Yost Enlightenment Mix]

3. ‘Temperamental’ [Pull Timewarp Mix]

4. ‘Temperamental’ [Hex Hector and Mac Quayle Reverse Drum Dub]

5. ‘Temperamental’ [Wamdue Project Remix]

6. ‘Blame’ [Fabio Remix]

7. ‘Blame’ [J Majik VIP Remix]

8. ‘Downhill’ Racer [Kenny Dope Remix]

9. ‘Lullaby of Clubland’ [Markus Schulz Tribal Journey]

10. ‘Lullaby Of Clubland’ [Matty Heilbronn II Deep Club Mix]

* = previously unreleased

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