CFA Outsourced: A Vocal Experiment by Cody Foster Army | New thrash punk comp available now through Ripple Music‏

August 3, 2015


Ripple Music is pleased to announce the release of CFA Outsourced: A Vocal Experiment by Cody Foster Army

 “Ever wonder what it would be like trying to herd cats with a wet spaghetti noodle after they’ve been up all-night inhaling catnip? Yeah, us too. The next best thing to that would be to wonder what it was like putting together this crazy project by Cody Foster.”
North West Music Scene

Download Cody Foster Army Outsourced: A Vocal Experiment here:

Ripple Music is pleased to announce the release of CFA Outsourced: A Vocal Experiment, an exciting new thrash punk project from rock ’n’ roll outsiders The Cody Foster Army.

Comprising of 36-tracks, each consisting of behemoth-sized brashness and foul-mouthed, raw punk rock attitude, this unique compilation throws back to the days when telling the man where to go was the only way to get things done. Powered by schizoid front man Cody Foster who recruited an army of talented vocalists to sacrifice both their vocals chords and sanity, over thirty+ tracks we’re treated to individually written songs, performed to a familiar instrumental track… with each singer throwing down their furious interpretation however they see/hear fit.

The idea was spawned from a practice regularly indulged in at your average Cody Foster Army live show, where the band pulls punters up to improvise vocals to a one minute frenzied piece of music. Like Xeroxing a Xerox, each track trades in like-for-like blows of punk rock fury through vocal renditions by Liz Porcayo (Skies Below), Tony Reed (Mos Generator), Tim Silvers (Antihero) and many more. Making CFA Outsourced: A Vocal Experiment a project conceived through noise and community participation. A testimonial perhaps to the true spirit of rock-n-roll and reminder of just how carefree, tumultuous, and fun punk rock can truly be.

CFA Outsourced: A Vocal Experiment by the Cody Foster Army is available now through Ripple Music –


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